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Activists cheer while Old Parliament House burns

31 December 2021

1:23 PM

31 December 2021

1:23 PM

Thursday’s ‘protest’ outside Canberra’s Old Parliament House, with Aboriginal activists – whether they were themselves Aboriginal or others claiming to represent their cause – intentionally or otherwise setting fire to the historic entrance facade. It is where George VI opened the building, where Dame Nellie Melba sang, and where the Left’s sainted Gough Whitlam declaimed ‘Well may we say, God save the Queen’ – is nauseatingly disgusting on so many levels.

That the authorities and media have tiptoed around calling this fire what it is unless proven otherwise – calculated arson by an activist rabble – is itself a disgrace.

That the coverage of this outrage was buried in news bulletins because it was instigated by an Aboriginal activist protest, is a disgrace.

Had it been a so-called ‘freedom protest’ –  a movement I have strongly criticised in the past – it would have led every bulletin, made international news, and been likened to the assault on the US Capitol on 6 January.

But because it was an Aboriginal activist outrage, instead it’s being played down as having been caused by a smoking ceremony (an artificial, concocted ritual if ever there was one, by the by) gone wrong.

What is truly angering and disgusting is that the rioters cheered while the People’s House burned. And don’t forget that malevolent taker of taxpayer coin, Greens senator Lidia Thorpe, who gleefully tweeted her approval.

‘Burn, baby, burn!’ has long been the cry of militant activists. This time it looks like they mean it.

Old Parliament House is not public housing, or a house in a remote settlement, to be trashed and burned because that’s what some people do. It is a living symbol of our parliamentary democracy dedicated to, as our Constitution says, ‘peace, order and good government.’

What we saw in images of this outrage on Thursday went beyond what actually happened.

It was a symbolic assault by activists who elevate one culture and one race over another. An assault by activists who venerate a stone age indigenous culture, that evolved little over 40,000 years, against the Western and Eastern cultures that gave the world writing, science, philosophy, arts, and literature. And a belief in the rule of law, and civil order that means not burning down other people’s property, and especially a House of Democracy.

If it is found to be deliberate arson, I hope those who torched Old Parliament House get what they deserve. But they won’t. Extenuating circumstances to get them off will somehow be found, or people ‘can’t be identified’ to be charged.

As for the Aboriginal people, whose cause this rabble claimed to champion, that cause has been set back immensely.

It may be unfair to most Aboriginals, but too many in mainstream Australia who perceive them as leaners not lifters, taking billions in public money for little obvious return. Who see demands for billions more in public funding in the name of ‘reconciliation,’ and an Aboriginal Voice to Parliament, as giving special privileges giving one group in the community special consideration above all others.

Thursday’s disgraceful outrage at Old Parliament House will merely further reinforce and cement these hostile perceptions. The likes of the unspeakably vile rabble-rouser Lidia Thorpe, abetted by her Greens party and allowed to rage undisciplined by her notional leader, Adam Bandt, have sullied our parliament from within as much as these lawless activist ratbags have from without.

Thursday’s riot and arson is a blot on all those Aboriginal Australians who strive to give themselves and their children a better life. It is a blot on our democracy. It is a blot on all those who refuse to condemn this lawless destruction, and who attempt to write it off as somehow accidental and excusable.

It is a blot on Australia, and all Australians.

Aboriginal activists and the Left luvvies will say it’s racist to call a spade a bloody shovel like this. But the real racists are those who are so aggressively determined to fuel and promote hatred and division in this country.

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