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Do not go quietly, George Christensen

15 December 2021

9:00 AM

15 December 2021

9:00 AM

The gas-lighting of retiring MP George Christensen by senior Coalition figures in Canberra is a disgrace. It is also very, very dumb politics. Bully Christensen, and you bully a now quite large and ever-expanding freedom movement which has had a gutful.

The mood for electing minor right-of-centre party voting in upcoming elections in Canberra and Sydney is palpable and growing. Having stood by meekly while state premiers have oppressed and tormented their citizens for nearly two years, the burghers of the Liberal and National Parties at the Commonwealth level deem it ‘okay’ to bag the very few among their numbers who understand the popular mood and who stand for principles and honesty in politics. The leadership doesn’t seem to understand that to remind voters afresh of just how few of them actually represent us properly and fight for the political outsiders is quite likely to sign their own political death warrants.

The politburos in Australia and elsewhere across the West have embraced Covid hysteria and delivered for the people a world of pain enforced through the tactics of an abusive spouse.

Why notionally conservative, freedom-touting governments have felt the need to enact totalitarian policies beloved of their opponents is one of the questions of our age. There is not even a cricket team’s worth of Liberal or National politicians across the land who will say ‘boo’ to Covid tyranny – let alone stand up to it.

Who will choose this particular hill on which to die?

I understand that, alas, it is now a given that political careerism trumps principle. But it is sickening, really sickening, when the drones atop the Tory pile in Canberra turn viciously and ostentatiously on their own and also on the only parliamentary representatives within their ranks who are currently worth a candle.

Not content with shunting the likes of Nicolle Flint and Kevin Andrews from the Liberal Party, they have now lowered their sights on those our legacy media delight in referring to as ‘rogues’, in particular, Alex Antic and Big George of Dawson. They stitched up Antic with a very public police swoop at Adelaide Airport followed by enforced quarantine in what he has described as a ‘detention facility’.

Is this a show trial for demonstration purposes? Look what happens to those who step out of line…

George Christensen, Member for Capricorn and nearing retirement, has been urged by the Prime Minister to ‘go quietly’. (I suppose it is to be expected that Morrison would wish others to ‘go quietly’ given that he has ‘gone quietly’ for nearly two years as his country has literally fallen apart.)

With respect, Prime Minister, I beg to differ.

I hope that George, Alex, and any others who still have scruples make as much damned noise as they can between now and the election – that they will continue to bang the drum without respite, on our behalf.

Covid sceptics are in a bit of a bind when they choose to remain in a broad-church party that has not only lost its ‘broad-churchiness’ but seems intent on crushing internal dissent while allowing the destruction of the nation.

Craig Kelly had clearly had enough, and wisely left. Former flag-bearer Campbell Newman didn’t bother coming back to his old party. Not even the (common law) father-in-law of the Nats Leader could entertain the prospect of standing for the ‘Party of Barnaby’.

Who on earth would? Who would rally around a government in Canberra that has simply watched from the sidelines the rollout of vicious vaccine mandates, lockdowns on-a-whim, senseless border closures, the killing of small businesses that are not part of the elite corporate, a Covid-enforcer class, police thuggery, and carting recalcitrants of any racial background off to a nearby ‘quarantine’ camp.

It is a party which has joined North Korea and Cuba in imprisoning Australians who might wish to leave. A party that has abandoned any sort of federalism worthy of the name. A party that is now muddle-headed, fiscally incontinent, leaderless, principle-free, and driven by squabbling factions that are bereft of ideas. A Party, indeed, that would welcome back without demur one accused credibly of corruption who hadn’t even left the building the first time.

George Christensen’s latest crime has been to do an interview with a ‘far-right conspiracy theorist’ on an American podcast (Infowars’ Alex Jones). Christensen ‘needed to be pulled into line’, then was denounced as ‘reprehensible’ and ‘embarrassing for the party’. This, from Michael McCormack, the failed former Nats’ leader now mercifully back-benched.

According to the ALP, Christensen was ‘borderline treasonous’ for trashing Australia. This absurdity comes from the party of Daniel Andrews who has done more than anyone else in our history to humiliate Australia on the world map. Inaccurately, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation said that Christensen opposes vaccinations. No, like many of us, he just opposes making them compulsory.

Antic also did an interview speaking with former Trump operative and fellow rogue, Steve Bannon. Both these MPs are truth-tellers who realise that they will get a more sympathetic hearing abroad than at home, where much of the media act as if they are in the pay of vaccine manufacturers. The political class here seems not to have noticed that Australia is routinely held up abroad as a penal colony and a fascist state, referred to with a mixture of pity and disbelief.

It is quite clear wherein lies the treason and telling that no one has sought to dispute the substance of Christensen’s or Antic’s claims about what has been going. This is because they can’t. I watched the Christensen interview. What he said was measured and accurate. Gutlessly, his party critics resort to invective, put-downs, and almost faux-sympathy. They exist in a bubble, conduct surreal show trials of which Stalin would be proud, parrot cliches and virtue-signal pathetically while the ‘rogues’ speak the truth and actually represent their people. By attacking Christensen, the tweedledum-tweedledee brigade in Canberra are simply othering the deplorables who, just like Christensen and Antic, don’t buy into the Covidmania rammed down our throats for nearly two years.

When there isn’t a sliver of the thinnest paper in the world between the major parties, there is one place for disenchanted voters to go. Or a few places, actually…

There is quite a choice for those who cherish basic human rights and who are fed to the back teeth with what is currently on offer from the majors. If there still is any doubt about the level of anger abroad among the deplorables, I would urge some of the hundreds of Gen Y staffers who inhabit the corridors of power in Canberra to get their bosses to take a look at the comments on social media about their performance and standing. Campion, Christensen, Kelly, and their comrades want to ‘take our democracy back’. As do we-the-people.

In the meantime we wait, as Alex Antic says, ‘in a dark place’ thanks to the people who are currently abusing George Christensen. Elections are on the horizon, and we are now the ones possessing weapons of mass electoral destruction.

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