Mean Girls of the White House

22 December 2021

8:37 AM

22 December 2021

8:37 AM

President Joe Biden’s message to the unvaccinated is clear: you can’t sit with us!

Biden claimed he was ushering in an era of national unity, and instead we’ve received the Mean Girls administration. They intimidate those who don’t want the shot by threatening their jobs and accusing them of being walking vectors of death and disease, and encourage the rest of the country to attach a social stigma to being unvaccinated. Someone should tell Biden that the bullying and isolation tactics are more Queen Bee than Captain America.

The schoolyard taunts started over the weekend when the White House sent out a not-so-happy holiday message promising Americans who don’t get vaccinated that they’re headed for a winter of “severe illness and death” for themselves and their families. Chief of staff Ron Klain doubled down on using the season of cheer to spread doom and gloom, firing back at critics, “The truth is the truth.”

Biden started his speech to the nation Tuesday with a softer tone only to devolve into lobbing more insults at his unvaccinated enemies. This time, we were told that those who don’t get the vaccine are just too stupid to understand the consequences and are brainwashed by Fox News. Nothing convinces people to do what you want more than insulting their intelligence!

“Your choice can be the difference between life or death,” Biden said, adding that the choices of the unvaccinated “have been fueled by dangerous misinformation on cable TV and social media.”

The networks that spread this “misinformation”, Biden alleged, are profiting while they “kill their own customers and their own supporters.”

“It’s wrong. It’s immoral,” he intoned gravely. “Stop it now!”

Like any mean girl who was mastered the art of manipulation, Biden ended his speech with a generous helping of gaslighting. After spewing his venom about the unvaccinated, he spoke of national unity and insisted that “we’re in this together.” Biden’s frenemies in the press corps, eager to stay in his good graces, giggled in the crowd like gossips at the lunch table during an impromptu presser and practically apologized when they asked him a somewhat difficult question.

The shame game the Biden administration is playing, of course, will only cause the unvaccinated to double down on their position. Some have decided that the risks from a vaccine outweigh their risks from the virus. Some are discouraged by each reported “breakthrough” case on the already triple-vaxxed. Some have religious or moral objections. None are persuaded by coercion. Particularly when the Biden administration is playing the role of the toxic friend who routinely demeans you, but insists it’s just because they care.

Add another page to the Burn Book, Biden. Better to let it out there than on the national stage again.

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