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Normal people have been 'scared stupid' by Covid

16 December 2021

4:00 PM

16 December 2021

4:00 PM

I host a weekly radio show Lily High on Life with the by-line, ‘Change your attitude, change your life’ – which has never been so true as right now…

Covid does make people physically sick, but less than half a percentage point of people actually die from it. The pandemic has also highlighted people’s mental instability.

It is understandable that after two years of daily badgering from the media and government about how dangerous it is, people would be frightened. This fear is played upon daily with the lead story of every news program telling us how many people have tested positive to the virus and how many people have died.

Logic tells us that if the media were honest reporters, they would also let us know how many of those positive tests were even symptomatic, let alone required hospitalisation. They don’t, because frightened people tune in again and again to stories that reinforce the dangers.

Featured experts that further instil the lurking fear around Covid are celebrated, while their conjectures are elevated to the headlines.

Politicians saw early on that they could harness this fear into power and control. It is astounding how easily people became compliant to whatever was asked of them. They were fuelled by fear and became extensions of the power-wielding politicians.

These people have become self-appointed police; watching that everyone else complies with wearing masks, washing their hands, and sanitising everything – even reporting visitors to neighbouring homes. So many people are petrified of dying from this virus that premiers and their health officials grew drunk on power, and even today they are not ready to easily relinquish it.

People are ‘scared stupid’ and will believe anything and everything that fits the narrative of a ‘deadly’ virus. The lockdowns, the border closures – they all seem like great ways of stopping a pandemic, but the facts don’t show this to be true.

When you’re this scared, facts don’t seem to matter.

Shouldn’t the ‘fact’ that you are being scared into regular booster shots tell you that the vaccine is not as effective as initially advertised? Fully vaccinated people are on ventilators in intensive care units – isn’t that a clue the vaccines aren’t a magic bullet? Fully vaccinated people are dying, shouldn’t that cause you to at least ask a few questions?

In the midst of this overwhelming evidence that perhaps, just maybe, the vaccines are not the answer – how stupid is it to conclude that you have to mandate full compliance with vaccines and punish people who may have reasonable and logical reasons for not wanting to be injected?

Medical professionals, along with a huge cross-section of professionals, have lost their jobs and livelihoods – not to mention friends and family – because they have been designated second-class citizens for not buying into this ‘Scared Stupid Culture’.

Otherwise normal, sane, and intelligent people (that I believed I had a lot in common with) will no longer associate with the vaccine-free.

This vaccine mandate, which has turned Australia into a country of apartheid states, is applauded by the cult of ‘scared stupid’.

Is it normal that people in New South Wales will be able to move around freely without showing a vaccine passport, while next door in Victoria penalties are still enforced by the government? Why doesn’t Mark McGowan understand that grieving parents who are fully vaccinated and tested negative to the virus should be allowed to enter Western Australia for 12 hours to attend the funeral of their 20-year-old son and collect his belongings to bring home with them? ‘Scared stupid’ is believing Covid is more dangerous in some states than others.

Fear is a strong emotion that has been the cause of many tragedies in history, so it is no accident that fear has been deliberately created in regard to Covid. Even smart people who are sufficiently afraid and truly motivated by fear hold an illogical and unfounded belief that those who have remained vaccine-free are deadly killers. These vaccine-free individuals, with no symptoms or negative test results, are still considered such a menace to society that they must be excluded from normal life.

How logical or rational is this? When it is repeated often enough by the government and the media it becomes very real to a lot of people.

The state Premiers must not only be removed from office, but also charged criminally for the havoc they have wrought on individuals and the economy.

The media must change their narrative to ‘calm’ rather than ‘terrify’ the population.

Watching the demonstrations against vaccine passports grow ever larger gives me a little hope for the future. But life will never be the same, and the saddest thing is that relationships will never be rebuilt.  

Lily Steiner is an active member of the community, radio host on www.J-Air.com.au and lifelong advocate for Israel. She is an entrepreneur and Founder of American Business Gateway. Lily specializes in out of the box thinking to improve revenues in businesses and works with companies, individuals, and corporate entrepreneurs.


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