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Norway wishes you a Merry Wokemas

4 December 2021

6:00 PM

4 December 2021

6:00 PM

Not even Father Christmas is off limits to the unoriginal, hypocritical Woke mob.

Last week the virtue signalling Norwegian postal service released an advertisement depicting Santa in a gay relationship.

Well of course!

Everything is gay in the 21st century. And if you know of something that’s not – give it five minutes.

The only curiosity is that the Norwegian postal service didn’t go the full-LBGTQ and give Rudolf a rainbow nose. Maybe next Christmas.

The advertisement, which has gone viral around the world, tells the story of Harry who waits all year to catch a glimpse of the man he loves – Father Christmas.

Finally, after years of flirtatious glances exchanged around the chimney on Christmas Eve, Santa comes out of the ‘claus-et’.

Santa has arranged for the elves to deliver presents so he can take Christmas off to be with his gay lover.


The ad runs for almost four minutes and ends with the two men sharing a passionate kiss.

The Guardian described it as ‘beautiful’, ‘powerful’ and ‘progressive’ – which is what you would expect them to say about anything that subverts a Christian tradition.

One suspects that The Guardian would have described the advertisement as ‘disgusting’, ‘hateful’, and ‘bigoted’ had a version of it been released around, say, Ramadan.

The postal service’s marketing director Monica Solberg said she had decided that, after two years of Covid restrictions, ‘perhaps what we need this year is a warm and heartfelt love story’.

Sadly, no one in the marketing department had heard of the warm and heartfelt love story told around this time each year – something about the Creator of the universe identifying with His creation by becoming one of them…

No? Doesn’t ring any jingle bells?

What about Saint Nicholas ditching his responsibilities in order to actualise himself by finally acknowledging his same-sex attractions and getting it on with a guy he barely knows?

Well of course! Why didn’t someone think of that 2000 years ago?

Ms Solberg said the advertisement was ‘a celebration of the fact that we can love whomever we want in Norway, despite everything bad happening around the world’.

Sure. Nothing celebrates love and tolerance and respect like turning the holiest time in the Christian calendar into a celebration of homosexuality.

This is just more evidence – as if we needed it – that identity politics only knows how to destroy things, it never creates anything.

The Wokeratti divide everything and unite nothing.

Ms Soleberg continued: ‘Norway Post has connected people for 375 years, and will continue to do so regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity’.

Phew! It’s a relief to know we can stop worrying about whether or not the mail will be delivered to gays this year.

The Norway Post – and ‘suddenly-Woke’ corporations like them – don’t care about Christmas. And they certainly don’t care about LGBTQ people. Homosexuals are, for them, an affectation, an advertising accessory.

Depicting Santa as an old homosexual using Grindr to find a hook-up on Christmas Eve is about as banal and predictable as you can get in 2021. It’s the safest way to be ‘edgy’ without risking anything at all.

People who dared to complain about the advertisement were predictably accused of being triggered by a fictional character.

‘You’re flipping out about a make-believe children’s character!’ was a typical response.

This is how the Progressive Left have their Christmas pudding and eat it too.

They co-opt fictional children’s characters to their cause because they rightly recognise their cultural value; then they accuse critics of being fools for taking children’s fictional characters seriously.

Depict the Black Panther as a white man and see how they react.

Merry Wokemas everybody!

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