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Will the US welcome a new president in 2022?

10 December 2021

9:00 AM

10 December 2021

9:00 AM

Over a year ago, I wrote that no Democrat voted ‘for Biden’ – they voted ‘for anyone but Trump’.

Only two candidates were left standing after the Democrat debates and the commencement of the primaries – Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. From a large and very weak field, Kamala Harris never even made it to first base with a humiliating two per cent popularity.

Sanders was correctly considered unelectable. As in the 2016 race against Hillary Clinton – herself no great candidate and arguably the most disliked woman in America – Biden was left as the default candidate, warts and all. This was his third attempt at the Presidency. At age 78, he had accumulated a record of plagiarism, lying, and forced withdrawal from previous campaigns.

The public must have a short memory because Biden was considered still ‘electable’ – verified by the election result (assuming that he was, in fact, legitimately elected). That’s another discussion…

To whine, bitch, and moan that Biden is suffering from major cognitive decline – which is clearly the case – adds nothing to the discussion of the future Presidency. His condition has long been obvious to a blind man.

But the Democrats got what they wanted – no Trump second term. That’s all that counted for them and now we have to deal with the fallout. It’s unlikely that any other Democrat candidate would have defeated Trump,

The real question is, where do they go from here?

If Biden departs the Office, Harris is clearly an utterly unsuitable replacement. Before anything can happen with Biden, Harris has to be removed from her Vice President role.

Quite simply, Harris is unqualified for high office, and was chosen simply because she was a person of colour after the riots which engulfed America following the death of George Floyd. The foolish decision of insisting on a female was itself no novelty since there had already been two women VP running mates in recent campaigns.

Clearly, allowing selection based on gender, colour, and identity politics to triumph over merit has backfired with a vengeance – yielding such an utterly unsuitable potential President, let alone a more nimble VP.

Kamala Harris should never have been the VP running mate, especially given her unpopularity and lack of both executive and legislative experience. To make matters worse, many of her most senior staff members are, at the time of writing, heading for the exits. We can only speculate as to why. Almost certainly, they see themselves as rats aboard a sinking ship…

To say her performance to date has been ‘embarrassing’ severely understates the case, and is overly flattering. Apart from her hideous, near-constant cackling, Harris was nowhere to be seen when it came to her single important assigned role – the ongoing illegal immigration disaster at the southern border, which she has never visited.

Her limited four years spent as junior Senator for California means that she doesn’t have the Congressional network required to twist arms and seek favours when it comes to getting legislation through Congress.

I’ve always thought that Biden would resign due to ‘ill-health’ after a year (or less), but I haven’t been validated – not yet anyway – after 11 months.

The real issue for the Democrats is how to replace Harris? Her replacement could become the next President if and when the senile Biden is prematurely removed from office. No president has ever done this, not even President Woodrow Wilson (who was bedridden with a stroke for his last year in office) with all duties being secretly carried out by his wife!

Another alternative for removal of Biden is the 25th Amendment to the Constitution by which the Cabinet and/or other ‘Principal Officers’ agree that the President cannot discharge the powers and duties of office, which would be entirely justified given Biden’s condition, but much more embarrassing and damaging for the party than a more dignified resignation due to ill health.

Indeed, so deranged were the Democrats under President Trump that invocation of the 25th Amendment was one of about six methods they used to try and remove him from office. This is despite not finding a shred of evidence to support their claims. After a while, it was hard to keep an accurate count of the Democrats’ futile, deranged, and desperate efforts to remove Trump from Office.

The irony, of course, is that there were no grounds whatsoever for removing Trump, but they exist in abundance for Joe Biden.

Regardless, Harris is in no position to step into the Presidency should Biden step down or be removed by whatever mechanism. Both scenarios are unprecedented, with the second one verging on the apocalyptic for American politics.

As wild as it seems, this is the real issue on which observers of American Presidential politics should be focusing.

Joe Biden simply cannot be permitted to continue as President until January 2025.

The Democrats know this. The whole country knows this.

George Peters is an independent scholar specializing in American politics and society, the culture wars and other diverse issues of our time.

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