8 January 2022

9:00 AM

8 January 2022

9:00 AM

Waiting for the gong

Tony Blair was knighted, 14 years after leaving Downing Street. How long have other ex-PMs had to wait to be honoured?

Edward Heath knighted in 1992, 18 years after leaving office.

Harold Wilson awarded peerage on leaving Commons in 1983, 7 years after resigning as PM.

Jim Callaghan awarded peerage on leaving House of Commons in 1987, 8 years after leaving office.


Margaret Thatcher awarded peerage in 1992 on leaving House of Commons.

John Major knighted in 2005, 8 years after leaving office. Said to have rejected peerage on leaving Commons in 2001.

Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and Theresa May are still waiting.

Unjabbed nations

How have the world’s least-vaccinated countries fared in terms of Covid deaths?

Doses per 100  –  Country  –  Deaths per million

0.1 Burundi 3

0.1 Congo 65

1 Haiti 66

2 Chad 11

2 Yemen 65

2 South Sudan 12

2 Niger 11

2 Madagascar 36

The figures for the UK are 195 and 2,175.

Source: CNN vaccine tracker/worldometers

Time difference

Ghislaine Maxwell is facing up to 65 years in jail for sex trafficking. How do average US prison sentences compare in length with ones in England and Wales (in months)?

England and Wales  –  US

Drug offences 34.4  –  57

Robbery 37.9  –  91

Assault 15.2  –  60

Fraud 10.9  –  44

Source: Justice Policy Institute


How many men have had convictions for homosexual acts disregarded since the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012?

721 applications have been received. Of these, 198 offences were set aside: 24 for buggery; 169 for gross indecency; 5 for equivalent limitary offences. A further 520 offences were retained: 97 involving sex in a public lavatory; 19 involving non-consensual sex; 9 where the other party was under 16. In 33 cases, no police records of the offence were found. 361 offences lay outside the scope of the legislation, 1 was refused for ‘other’ reasons, and 3 cases have yet to be determined.

Source: Home Office

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