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Exposing the great feminist reset

2 January 2022

5:58 AM

2 January 2022

5:58 AM

Conservatives have been waging a war against identity politics all year, with some brave Sky News Australia commentators railing against people with penises invading girls’ bathrooms and destroying women’s sports.

Such commentators are in their element when happily calling out the nonsensical social movement that takes the knee and tears down statues. But, when it comes to one of the most insidious and destructive branches of identity politics, many go to water.

How come we rarely hear a peep from these warriors about feminism, a movement which openly boasts about their intentions of remaking our society?

It’s not hard to see what the activists have in store for us. Audacious Australian feminists proudly proclaim they have planned a ‘gender transformative’ program for ‘social, cultural and structural and systemic change’. This includes actively challenging ‘dominant forms and patterns of masculinity that operate at and across structural, systemic, organisational, community, interpersonal and individual levels of society’.

Phew! That’s quite an ask.

‘No one’s ever tried to change the gender norms, structures and practices in a society at population level before,’ boasts Dr Emma Partridge, a key member of Our Watch – an organisation orchestrating this ‘lofty goal’.

Our Watch was originally set up as the engine room for the government’s massive $3 billion, decade-long campaign to reduce domestic violence against women. Partridge and her colleagues have cleverly performed a sidestep, claiming this government objective isn’t possible without ‘primary prevention’ – by which they mean remaking society…

I’ve written before about the sleight of hand used to justify the claim that tackling domestic violence requires reducing gender inequality. There exists obscure international research which tries to make this connection, but this doesn’t stack up. Its failings are demonstrated in this video showing former Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm grilling feminist bureaucrats in Senate Estimates.

For an excellent summary of the abundant research on this issue, see the submission from oneinthree.com to the Senate Inquiry into domestic violence (pp15-17).

Despite the paper-thin foundation for the premise that domestic violence is all about respect for women – this sentiment has become the prevailing wisdom largely thanks to the control of the feminist movement over mainstream media, government institutions, and key organizations across Australia.

Our Watch is a small organisation that has used their modest $12 million annual take from feminism’s huge cash cow to crow about how effectively they have spread their tentacles into every aspect of our society, controlling a mighty industry aimed at gender transformation. The result is a national conversation about quotas, targets, and strategies to worm more women into traditionally male-dominated areas.

Their sticky fingers were all over the final report from the House of Representatives Inquiry into the National Plan for Violence Against Women, which recommended all sorts of gender ‘equality’ initiatives, like:

  • Courses in schools to improve financial literacy – but only for girls.
  • Initiatives to upskill and reskill people in STEM – but only for women.
  • Programs to increase digital literacy – excluding men and boys.

Their view of what’s needed to address gender inequality requires, according to Our Watch, ‘The redistribution of power, resources and responsibilities between men and women.’

Pretty radical stuff, eh? Not according to the leaders of most of our major institutions who seem unable to resist the ongoing feminist push.

Each year, thousands of employees in large commercial organisations as well as not-for-profits and government agencies (including local councils and police services), are being required to suffer through re-education programs teaching them about the evils of male privilege and toxic masculinity.

In 2020, Our Watch published a document Tracking Progress in Prevention which attempts to survey the huge network of feminists, all beavering to promote their noble cause. They surveyed over 2,000 people and found about half their sisters are funded by state and federal government departments. A quarter acknowledged they do the work without any targeted funding.

Touching thought, isn’t it? All those femocrats paid to do other jobs yet secretly devoting themselves to this critical social engineering.

The progress report reveals in glorious detail the full manifesto of this ‘Great Feminist Reset’ of our society. There’s nothing off-limits for this mob. Midst a huge list of legislative changes claimed to support gender equality they include ‘removal of GST from feminine hygiene products’. They demand ‘artists of all genders are equally represented in major Australian newspapers reviews and awarded equal prize monies within their industries’.

Surveys busily monitor us to ensure we carry out the prescribed social attitudes – celebrating a slight drop in the number of people claiming women need children to be fulfilled, but complaining that one in seven men display an alarming sense of sexual entitlement because they see themselves as ‘a great catch’.

Despite their efforts, not all the great unwashed believe their propaganda. Described as a ‘disturbing backlash’ are the 40 per cent of Australians who ‘deny the continued persistence of gender inequality’ by agreeing that ‘many women exaggerate how unequally women are treated in Australia’.

Less than half those surveyed in 2017 believed that women experience greater fear of domestic violence than men, and almost half believed that the level of fear is equal for women and men.

‘This represents a drop of 6 percentage points in the proportion of Australians who recognise the gendered nature of fear of domestic violence since 2009,’ grumbles Our Watch, adding there has also been an 8 per cent decline in the proportion of Australians who believe that women suffer greater physical impacts than men from domestic violence, from 89 per cent in 2009 to 81 per cent in 2017.

The apparatchiks are distinctly miffed that their propaganda war is encountering some resistance.

It’s no wonder they have doubled down, announcing in their latest policy framework that they ‘must engage people not just on a one-off basis, but in multiple, mutually reinforcing ways over the course of their lives’. This starts by targeting pregnant women in order to better mould their children!

The movement boasts of ‘developing relationships with senior political advisers and government officials’. Naturally, they put heavy emphasis on the need to drive public debate through influencing the media and communications/social marketing campaigns. This includes the Stop it at the Start campaign, which they claim as their ‘signature’ primary prevention campaign. It aims to ‘reset young people’s attitudes’ by showing them abusive boys tormenting little girls by pelting them with tennis balls, mean fathers berating their sons for playing football like a girl, jealous or threatening boyfriends, and mothers dismissing rowdy boys with, ‘It’s just boys being boys.’

It’s an endless ‘blah, blah, blah’ cringe-worthy feminist message, but there’s never a word uttered about violent girls or dangerous mothers. Instead, boys are taught to be ashamed of being male while girls are convinced that they are victims with boys as the enemy.

Early childhood education is top of the list of Our Watch’s priorities. They produced the content for the infamous Respect Matters program which hit the headlines last year when boys were forced to stand and apologise for being male. Despite this adverse publicity, feminists have no problem slotting courses into schools. ‘There have been fantastic high-level commitments to make changes to curriculum and to syllabus,’ applauds Cara Gleeson, a member of the Our Watch, which sets the social agenda while state governments roll out the money.

My son came home from school today and told me that all the Year 10 boys were called to an assembly and made to sit through a ‘power to end violence against women’ lecture. I have the booklet he was given and I’m furious. It’s full of half-truths, orphan statistics and blatant lies,’ writes a dad from South Australia.

‘A group of students is talking loudly in the presence of a teacher. They are heard stating, “It wasn’t that bad, it was only rape, it’s not like it’s murder.”’ The scenario was presented to students at the senior consent class held this year in a Victorian school, one of many similar stories demonising males. The alarmed father who sent me the course content has written a letter to the school, asking that students are presented with less biased material, but he is nervous: ‘I think I will be socially persecuted if I say anything publicly that is not supporting it. I am a scout leader and worry this would create problems.’

I receive a constant stream of similar letters from concerned parents all over Australia who object to the blatant anti-male propaganda shaming boys in our schools – which I have discussed many times.

‘Give me a child till he is seven years old, and I will show you the man,’ said Jesuits’ founder, St Ignatius Loyola. And show you the woman. Even more important for these determined ideologues is grooming future generations of committed feminists to take up the mantle and continue the good work of gender transformation.

How has this alarming transformation of our society escaped the notice of not only our conservative media, but also our key conservative think-tanks?

Are Australia’s ‘champions of liberty’ too nervous of offending their affluent board members to concern themselves with the future way of life being prescribed for our sons and sons of sons…?

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