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Morrison, this is how the Liberals win the next election

10 January 2022

12:00 PM

10 January 2022

12:00 PM

For too long we have endured the creeping takeover of our country, and the trashing of our society by the hostile Neo-Marxists – many ensconced in cosy taxpayer-funded sinecures. Their demands have become ever more outrageous and extreme as they ride rough-shod over the 85 per cent of middle Australians.

But Scott Morrison can still be a winner if he finally decides to take a stand. Here’s what the Prime Minister should tell the bruised and battered quiet Australians whose votes he needs to remain in power:

‘My fellow Australians,

As we are all painfully aware, there has been an increasing disconnect between all governments, federal and state, and the electorate. If I win the next election, I promise to make my government more responsive and to tackle the ever-rising costs of all governments, and the ever-decreasing value that they offer to the people.

I want to apologise to you all. Our recent rushed climate change targets were just not realistic, so they will be modified. We already do far more than any other country to curb our globally minuscule emissions.

I intend to make Australian manufacturing viable again by cutting subsidies to all wind and solar projects, and using the funds saved to establish far cheaper and more reliable high-tech coal and nuclear generators. Export companies will be actively assisted to find new global markets.

I will establish a new Anti-Regulation Agency with mandatory monthly progress oversights to eliminate all the unnecessary green and red tape impediments, and put pressure on the states to reduce the exorbitant costs associated with starting and running any project or business.

I will fast-track the buyback of all critical national assets sold to overseas interests, including the Port of Darwin, significant businesses, and prime agricultural land.

I will undertake to cut the overall funds allocation to all federal departments and agencies by 20 per cent – thereby preventing the usual default use of part-timers and consultants. I will ask the states to do the same, on pain of a reduced GST, which itself will be revamped to reflect each state’s actual contribution.

I will ask all the myriads of government agencies, including the ABC, to show cause why they should not be streamlined or disbanded.

New dams will be quickly approved – there have been no new dams built since 1970, although the population has doubled.

I will implement Bradbury’s 1924 dream, and tunnel NSW/QLD coastal water into the interior to fund a vast new national food bowl – run by Australian companies

I will take defence procurement out the hands of the bureaucracy, to ensure that sensible and timely decisions are made by recognised expert groups.

I will ban the future use of lockdowns, curfews, masks, social distancing, and mandatory vaccinations. As in any epidemic, the seriously ill will be hospitalised, without having to affect the lives and welfare of others.

I promise hefty federal fines and jail terms for those who disrupt the lawful workings of any company, business, farmer, individual, or association.

I will introduce federal oversight to eliminate the brain-washing of our school children, and make illegal the ‘cancelling’ of individuals for merely expressing contrary opinions. Existing libel laws will be strengthened.

I will cut back the current overly-generous dole, and set a three-month time limit on entitlements, unless medically exempt. No one should be able to batten permanently on the government teat from the cradle to the grave. This measure should release a vast new workforce to help our beleaguered farmers, restaurateurs, and small business owners – obviating the need for the current contentious and highly disruptive mass immigration.

I will disband the Appeals Tribunal which routinely fails to approve the deportation of repeat hardened criminals. A new body will be established that reflects both reality and voter concerns.

I will disband the Fair Work Commission. Australia doesn’t need such a huge bureaucratic opaque body to set a basic wage and simple working conditions.

All future migrants will have to pass a basic oral and written English test (including all relatives). I’d be surprised if anybody would object to being proficient in the language of their new country.

Only biological women will be able to engage in women’s sports, or use any traditional women’s facilities.

We are one people. No group, including Aboriginal Australians, will be accorded any special status. A long-overdue forensic audit of all the myriad Aboriginal agencies will release funds to establish trade-focused boarding schools at strategic sites; this will help to fill the ongoing critical trades void.

I will make it illegal to tear down or deface any statues or monuments from the past. Graffiti and gluing yourself to roads, pavements, and other such disruptive acts will also be banned.

I look with astonishment at those who are hostile to our country, and our western lifestyle. My government will facilitate their migration to countries that don’t have all those ‘white supremacy’ trappings like clothes, phones, cars, electricity, coal, gas, oil, supermarkets, red and white meat, or government handouts.

To those who claim that they are ‘invaders’ – it follows that all their assets have been illegally acquired. We will assist them to sell up, gifting all the proceeds to Aborigine charities. We will help them to re-locate back to the land of their forebears.

To those who hate their white skins. I am unable to help with research into permanent skin pigmentation, but I can help them migrate to a country more to their liking.

We are still part of the British Commonwealth. We honour the Queen and our forebears who have created the freedoms, the benefits, the superior lifestyle, and the rule of law that we all continue to enjoy.

My government will focus on the Australian peoples’ traditional values and concerns – home, family, church, free enterprise, and a fair go for all.

Naturally, the Greens, the Neo- Marxists, the Labour party, and the unionists will all start screaming at many of these proposals. Let them.

It is my job to govern for the majority.

I make this solemn pledge that I will do everything I can to restore ownership of the country back to those middle Australians who have created all the wealth, and paid most of the taxes.’

– ScoMo.

If you would like to contact Rob Barclay with feedback directly, he can reached via email.

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