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Australia's 'children of the Covid state'

24 February 2022

12:00 PM

24 February 2022

12:00 PM

The Victorian Department of Education and Training has now become the co-parent of our children. In a most disturbing government document, the state explicitly encourages children as young as 12 to book their own vaccination appointment and assures them that no parental consent is required. All parents, no matter their persuasion, should be deeply concerned by this overreach.

The Department of Education and Training published a document titled Promoting COVID-19 vaccine access for students aged 12+ Communications Pack targeting schools and other organisations.

In this comprehensive pack, signed off by Daddy Dan’s deputy James Merlino, schools can find all sorts of wonderful ‘trusted’ government websites and eye-catching propaganda to share via social media with call to arms slogans such as ‘Students aged 12 and over it’s your time to get vaccinated.’

All that is missing is Uncle Sam’s image replaced with Chairman Dan’s.

The communications pack also includes ‘Suggested Newsletter Content’ which begins:

Dear Students, as part of the Covid-19 vaccination roll-out, everyone aged 12 and older is now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine… You can book your own vaccination appointment and you may be able to consent to vaccination yourself if the health professional assesses you to be a mature minor.’

The criteria to assess one deemed a ‘mature minor’ is basically confirming that the child or adolescent can string a sentence together and count to ten.

The letter goes on to stipulate where to find vaccine clinics and should your school be one of the lucky 70 to be visited by the state vaccine bus service, you are provided with a list of items to bring and encouraged to take part in this ‘great opportunity’. Schools may choose to use the letter template and provide it to students without a parent ever knowing.

Thanks to strategies such as government-funded organisations targeting ads to teens to get the jab and influencers paid to promote vaccines in youths, there is increasing pressure on young people to capitulate. If peer pressure is to prove overbearing, young people have the government’s blessing to book an appointment and receive the injection without their parent’s consent.

Interestingly, the FAQ section of the document stipulates that children aged 12-15 can go right ahead and book their own appointment however ‘where a student is not considered to be a mature minor by the health professional, the health professional will seek consent from the student’s parent/carer’.

What it does not then stipulate is that even if the parent/carer does not give consent, the health professional can administer the drug to the child despite the parent/career’s opposition. This is outlined in the Victorian Covid-19 Vaccination Guidelines- Appendix 24: Consent for Covid 19 vaccination administration in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years. It states the refusal (of the parent/carer) should be followed ‘unless the child or adolescent chooses to be vaccinated on the day and they are deemed to have decision-making capacity. In this case, the decision of the child or adolescent should be respected and upheld, even if it conflicts with the views of a decision maker’ (i.e parent/carer). Furthermore, once the drug is administered, the child or adolescent is asked whether they would like their parent/carer informed of the vaccination. So, the parent may never know if their child has even been injected.

Now that Pfizer has been provisionally approved for 5-11 year old’s and Australia has commenced the rollout, the processes outlined in the document Victorian Covid-19 Vaccination Guidelines- Appendix 24: Consent for Covid 19 vaccination administration in children and adolescents under the age of 18 years, will apply to this cohort also. The wishes of the parent are completely disregarded, and the state is now in control of inoculating a child or adolescent. Albeit with a trial drug that has known serious side effects and can cause death.

All for what? To protect a healthy child/adolescent from a virus no more dangerous to them than the common cold?

The youth are being increasingly pressured to take a vaccine when there is no sufficient evidence to suggest it is necessary or required. What data set is the TGA using to arrive at the vaccine recommendation for 12-18 years and 5-11 years? Why is the Australian Government pushing to vaccinate children and teenagers when the research shows negligible risk from Covid infection in this age group?

MP Catherine Cumming recently raised this issue in parliament calling on the Minister for Health to provide assurance that parental rights are maintained and that parents’ permission will be sought prior to vaccinating children and adolescents for Covid. This is an urgent matter as demonstrated by the Victorian government’s official documents, parental consent has already been overridden by the state.

To curb the ever overreaching, meddling apparatus of the Victorian state government’s tentacles, SKIP is an impressive example of an organisation formed to push back against the relentless, detrimental government policies aimed at children. SKIP started as a group of concerned parents and grandparents from Castlemaine Victoria and have grown exponentially and now have their sights set on becoming a nationwide movement. Their vision is ‘a safe and free future for our kids’ and have seen firsthand the devastating impact of government policies on children’s mental health and well-being.

As part of the ‘Schools on Notice’ initiative, SKIP have compiled a comprehensive pack addressing key concerns of masking children in schools, promoting or facilitating Covid vaccinations at school, lockdowns, school closures, and segregation. SKIP recently completed the mail-out of the resource pack to 2,291 primary schools across Victoria. It is imperative schools act with consideration of the risks and responsibilities and duty of care in relation to Covid. SKIP wants to work with schools to assist them in this difficult position they now find themselves in due to government overreach and never-ending directives.

Parents have had their hearts torn apart as their young sons and daughters take it upon themselves to get jabbed. When the government banned youths from participating in sport, denied them the right to work or being able to socialise with their friends at various public venues if they did not succumb to the Covid injection, it was inevitable that teens would comply with the government orders.

Life is for living and more than any cohort, youths will take risks. But this kind of risk is not one that is wise and as time passes may indeed prove to be one that is deeply regretful. As if the worry of the Covid jab for teens wasn’t stressful enough, parents in Victoria now have the worry of children as young as five being jabbed without their consent.

Many of the parents raising concerns regarding the Covid vaccines in children are vaccinated themselves. It would appear the majority of adults complied with the vaccine mandates because they simply wanted to get on with their lives or did it because their livelihood had been threatened.

Throughout this Covid ordeal it has been curious to witness what it will take for someone to finally say enough is enough. For many people it happened as early as 2020 when it became obvious there was an oversell of fear not warranted. Others looked at the inconsistencies and manipulation of the data, the constant moving of the goalposts raised red flags and becoming more apparent now, it is when they or someone they know has an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

For a parent, there is nothing more precious than their child and any decent parent would stop at nothing to protect them. Right now, children need their parents more than ever. To show them there is nothing to fear but fear itself and that logic and reason will triumph over hysteria and heartless cruelty.

A child needs the parent, not the state to show them right from wrong, good from evil, and how to be brave in the face of tyranny and degradation.

It is stipulated by the Department of Education and Training that their role regarding the Covid vaccine roll-out is to ‘strongly encourage all Victorians aged 12 and over to get vaccinated.’ If this is their primary role then they have truly overstepped the line. How does ‘strongly encourage’ translate to ‘takeaway parental rights?’ This is what the state is doing, indeed have done. Eroded away our parental rights and here we are, in 2022, confronted with the state’s ability to irrevocably damage our children. It’s abhorrent that we would let it get this far.

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