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The road to freedom

1 February 2022

6:22 PM

1 February 2022

6:22 PM

Truckies have become a symbol of freedom for Canadians living under Justin Trudeau’s increasingly despotic medical state.

50,000 trucks – the largest convoy in history – assembled under freezing conditions before snaking their way toward Ottawa. They were accompanied by hundreds of vehicles and greeted by cheering local crowds waving flags and banners after standing in the snow for hours. It created an outpouring of hope and signalled a palpable change in the political wind.

The celebration of liberty was enough to make Prime Minister Justin Trudeau flee the capital and go into hiding.

His evacuation was conducted with such drama that anyone would think Canada was under attack from a foreign army rather than frustrated citizens. Perhaps he was worried things were getting a little – uh – French?

There is something uniquely pathetic about Trudeau’s cowardice. After telling truck drivers that they were ‘extremists’ with ‘unacceptable views’, he equated the transport industry with terrorists. It was a low blow from a government running out of power. In Trudeau’s absence, the message of the Freedom Convoy was left to echo around the world – repeated by the independent press.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News addressed the rally with a backdrop of blaring truck horns. ‘I see a lot of cameras – a lot of independent journalists – because when people say, “What do we do about the media?” I say, “You become the media!” You have got to tell the story yourselves. Justin Trudeau says that you’re extreme – but he is the one who has violated your civil rights. He says that you are “fringe”. Well, this is a pretty bloody big “fringe”.’

Mainstream media barely touched the Freedom Convoy, and when they did it was only to hurl slanderous labels in their direction. Nazis. Conspiracy theorists. Anti-vaxxers. Terrorists. Even the word ‘freedom’ has been used interchangeably with ‘selfish’ – as though we should shame anyone that wishes to maintain their civil rights.

The press failed to acknowledge ordinary people had latched onto the truck protest as a sort of ‘freedom by proxy’. Unable to rally against Trudeau on their own, Canadians have used the truckers as protection to begin their own rebellion in defiance of Covid health orders.

Truck drivers hold a unique position of power. They are, in effect, the on/off switch of the nation. Without trucks everything stops, including the ability of the government to govern. Trudeau ran away because his empty threats could not stand toe-to-toe with 50,000 transport workers.

Trudeau’s weakness has alerted other freedom movements around the world to a chink in the armour of illiberal regimes.

Australian truck drivers are among those that have taken to the road in a satellite protest, journeying to Canberra as part of the Millions March Against Mandatory Vaccination group, where they assembled in front of Parliament House chanting, ‘You serve us!’

It is a message that has been lost during the Covid years, with politicians increasingly viewing their role as one of ‘control’.

In Australia, as with Canada, truck protests are not a single-cause issue. Mandatory vaccination is a major concern, but people are also furious about a wide range of Covid health orders which are seen as overreach, unnecessary, unscientific, dangerous, punitive, and increasingly ridiculous.

One of the only journalists on the ground in Canberra was Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini – who news.com.au chose to disingenuously call a ‘far-right YouTuber’. He spoke to the protesters and asked them why they were gathered in front of Parliament.

‘I am not allowed to earn a living. Why? Where is the justice?’ said one driver, clearly furious. ‘This truck costs me $2,200 a month to have parked up.’ He went on to say that he was allowed to work during the pandemic, and then the government cast him aside with mandatory vaccination orders.

‘This is democracy – this is real democracy,’ said another.

‘They are trying to destroy everything that we’ve ever worked for.’

‘We need our freedoms back – we’ve had enough.’

‘This government is killing our future.’

For Scott Morrison, the message was clear. ‘Just grow up. Make hard decisions for the country. Let us go back to work.’

‘We’ve just got to have change in this country, mate. We cannot keep on going. We’re going to send this country broke as a nation. We need a leader. We need someone to stand up for our people – for what’s right.’

Other truck drivers thanked their Canadian counterparts, saying, ‘Thank you for the motivation. Thank you for believing in us and supporting us.’

‘We’re thinking about you in the snow while we’re in our shorts and T-shirts.’

This is not the first time that Australia has looked to truck drivers to help free the country of Covid health orders. The #IStandWithTruckies hashtag did the rounds in August of 2021. It may be that the timing is not yet quite right in Australia for a full scale rebellion, but Canada has taught us that truck drivers hold the key to freedom.

As they say, ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!’ or in this case, ‘Don’t upset the truck drivers that bring food to your local supermarket’.

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