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5 March 2022

9:00 AM

5 March 2022

9:00 AM

Within this week’s issue we present a number of articles and different points of view surrounding the invasion of Ukraine, the causes, the strategies and the ramifications for us all. One theme, of course, keeps recurring, and that is what Rebecca Weisser describes in this week’s cover story as our Peter Pan politics, the notion that the West has for far too long indulged in fairy-tale policies built on fantasy ‘woke’ concerns – such as climate, race and gender identity – but now it is time for us all to ‘grow up’.

That’s one way of putting it. A Speccie reader has put it rather more bluntly, by writing to all members of the Morrison Cabinet berating them for the unacceptable risk they have placed this nation under by recklessly embracing left-wing environmental politics and policies.

He writes, somewhat scathingly:

Dear Minister, Well, not one summer but two in Melbourne in which there has been not one day of 40 degrees or over.

The dams are virtually full at the end of summer. The average world temperatures are the same today as 43 years ago and that comparison is even after China’s increased coal-burning. The CSIRO cannot quantify how much CO2 is in the air generated by man.

Yet you have led us into a Green’s paradise where no scientific peer-reviewed data seems to justify putting our coal and gas electricity generation into a crisis position.

The writer goes on to detail the explosion in electricity costs to be paid by you the consumer that are directly due to the subsidising of – and new infrastructure required for – our so-called ‘renewables’.

But it is the last line in the letter to ministers that is the most devastating:

Let Germany and Britain be a glaring warning to you fools.


As this magazine has repeatedly maintained – and we are a lone voice in the media brave enough to bluntly spell it out – the pursuit of net zero emissions is a treacherous policy that exposes future generations of Australians to virtual enslavement at the hands of the predatory and insidious Chinese communist party.

As China ignores any environmental concerns to build up her massive and unstoppable military and industrial strength, our leaders and business elites are destroying the very energy strength this nation may desperately need in the years ahead not only to defend ourselves militarily but in order to prosper as a free and sovereign democratic nation.

Now that we have seen the clear and present danger of diminishing one’s access to cheap, reliable and abundant energy resources, such as has wilfully occurred in Europe, the Coalition must immediately end the commitment to net zero emissions. And while they are at it, please remove the moratorium on nuclear power.

Or else, like Labor and the Greens, the Coalition will forever risk the epitaph of having deliberately and treacherously castrated the industrial strength of this nation.

New editor of Flat White

We are proud to announce this week the appointment of Alexandra Marshall as the new editor of The Spectator Australia’s online magazine, Flat White. Alexandra has been guest-editing the website since the tragic death of former editor Christian Kerr late last year, and has done an outstanding job. Speccie readers will also be familiar with Alexandra as the author and compiler of our must-read evening email, ‘Unfiltered’.

The talented Ms Marshall comes to the Speccie with an intriguing and unusual background, having given up her previous job in retail to pursue her dream of working in the world of conservative politics and the media. As a writer, she has appeared frequently on Flat White as well as in the pages of our magazine. An avid Twitter fan, she also frequently appears on TV and radio shows here and abroad. Already, Alexandra’s feisty and determined approach has seen a substantial and always welcome lift in our online and social media traffic.

If you are not already addicted to your daily shot of Flat White, make sure you grab a taste as soon as possible by going to spectator.com.au. And please join us in welcoming Alexandra Marshall to the ever-growing Spectator Australia family.

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