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Trust ‘the science’ – or else

29 March 2022

7:30 AM

29 March 2022

7:30 AM

Science used to be seen as something revolutionary – a catalyst for incredible change with the potential to bring about solutions to problems humanity had been wrestling with for some time. It was revered for its innovations – from the creation of vaccines to prevent deadly diseases, to the development of treatments (and even cures) for devastating conditions. Science gave us technology to track health conditions and has considerably extended the average lifespan of human beings.

Yet real science has been thrown out the window by the very same people who claim to follow it. They treat it like a religion, worshipping ‘The Science’ and its purveyors.

Over the last two years, these experts have functioned as heralds of ‘truth’ and prophets of doom, scaring people if they fail to follow their instructions. It is intriguing, given these same experts are typically antithetical to religion, many likely atheists, but they still deify those who have the most inflated egos on the planet. 

At the core of science is questioning.

To question is essential to determining what is truth and what is not. It has only been through this process of challenging established lines of thought that innovations in knowledge and technology have been possible. Now it has become taboo to even think about questioning ‘The Science’. Questioning is ‘anti-science’…

This has been evident in several significant areas where science has mixed with politics, particularly over the last decade and even more so in the last few years.

Recently, the abandonment of science has shone through in the actions of politicians, unelected bureaucrats, scientists, experts, the pharmaceutical industry, and any other parties procuring a narrative to suit their agenda.

The debate over the Covid response was heavily stifled, aided by Big Tech companies, including Facebook and Twitter, who prevented certain information from being exposed to the public forum. 

Those who attempted to question the approved science – including doctors and scientists who refused to toe the line with their peers – were heavily castigated and censored. The mob went after their medical licenses, social media accounts, and every single platform they had. The goal was to destroy those individuals who had the nerve to participate in the true scientific process.

If previous acts of scientific desecration are any indication, this childish behaviour was to be expected.

As we have seen on the subject of Climate Change and Global Warming, experts that contradict the apocalyptic narrative are treated as heretics. Look at what questioning the science and offering another perspective did to our own Dr Peter Ridd… He ended up out of a job with his scientific papers discarded by academia, even though his suggestion that the Great Barrier Reef was bleached due to natural cycles (not Climate Change) was shown to be accurate.

Scientists like Dr Ridd are akin to doctors Robert Malone and Peter McCullough, who are unable to get their work through the peer review system because the review process has been hijacked by the cult of ‘The Science’.

Submissions are no longer reviewed impartially as they should be. Instead, they are checked to make sure they support the accepted narrative. If they do, they get the tick of approval; if not, they are thrown away. The peer review system has morphed into a monstrosity of inaccuracy and politics where peers pat each other on the back and scorn those who question their religion of ‘science’.

Ironically, the most incessant preachers of ‘The Science’ utter the most incredibly anti-science slogan – ‘Trust the Science’. Anyone who uses this phrase is incapable of critical thinking – the skill necessary for questioning. They would rather put their faith in cherished inaccuracies rather than confront an uncomfortable reality that real science demands be subjected to ruthless questioning.

Should we be surprised? Many of the same practitioners hesitate to define a woman – a simple scientific task. Basic biology says that a woman is a human being born with female reproductive organs, but a worshipper at the church of ‘The Science’ would insist that womanhood is a social construct.

This is how we end up with logical incoherencies, like men competing in women’s sports.

New Zealand transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard qualified for the Tokyo Olympics, leaving 21-year-old Tongan weightlifter Kuinini Manumua high and dry. More recently, transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has won several races, including a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) final, taking away qualifying places and podium spots from female athletes.

When Reka Georgy missed out on a spot in the finals, she tweeted her dismay at biological males being allowed to participate in women’s sports only for her account to be suspended. Also suspended was independent journalist and host of Rapid Fire Podcast Savanah Hernandez, who had been tweeting videos of the event, including interviews with swimmers and protesters opposing transgender athletes in women’s sports.

What is evident from all of the above is that true science is being thrown to the wayside in favour of the new age religion, The Science™. Members of this cult bow down to celebrity figures attempting to extend their fifteen minutes of fame. They believe – and do – whatever they are told by their infallible ‘gods’. One minute Covid vaccines are being worshipped like a golden calf with the unvaccinated cast out like lepers, the next they are no longer afraid of the unvaccinated because their glorious leaders have stopped talking about them. When they see evidence that they have been conned, they either begin to finally see the light, or they refuse to accept it no matter how compelling the data is, descending deeper into their cult-like mentality.

If someone genuinely believes in science, they must respect the scientific process and its difficult questions. They must not attempt to conform it into a faith-based cult. Science is not supposed to be ideological – it is evidence-based – but when you mix science and politics you get into dangerous territory.

Jordan Peterson said it best recently when discussing Covid policy with conservative host Steven Crowder:

We now have bleeding over of the scientific concerns into the political domain because politicians are using these experts as proxies for pushing forward their own particular ideological positions, and that’s a very dangerous misuse of science.’

If this entanglement of the scientific and political realms continues, it may yet create a monstrosity that threatens to unravel the very fabric of Western civilisation itself.

 Joel Agius is an independent writer. If you would like to read more of his work, you can do so at JJ’s Outlook.

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