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War on Wokedom

6 March 2022

9:00 AM

6 March 2022

9:00 AM

War. It is a word dreaded by the average person who just wants to live their life in peace. But it has become a dark reality of politics – a weapon that is often drawn by powerful people who want more than what they have been given.

Over the last two years, we have seen a psychological war waged by politicians and bureaucrats against their citizens where a virus created excessive fear. As the era of Covid hysteria begins its exit, a new war has sprung up to take its place.

This time, it is a war in the more traditional sense of the word –  a physical war in which one country fights another.

For years, Vladimir Putin has sat atop the Presidential throne in the Kremlin, waiting for an opportunity to take what he wants. Russia and Ukraine have been in conflict for years, so this is not exactly new, but while the Russians managed to take Crimea in 2014, they have held out on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine until now.

Why? Because the United States of America is weak. When America is weak, its allies, including Australia, are in trouble.

In its previous life as a superpower, America would not have stood for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. At least, it would have made Putin think twice about trying. But this once great nation has fallen a long way from what it used to be – what it should be – what it needs to be.

Over the last decade, in particular, America has been infected by a potent virus that has worked its way through Western culture, slowly but surely corrupting it: Wokedom.

It has many symptoms – feminism, political correctness, identity politics, a failure to understand basic biology, the erosion of ‘offensive’ terms, diversity, attacks on religion – the list goes on. Wokedom has wormed its way into our institutions to the point that education systems comprise of teachers and professors ‘educating’ students in the ways of the Woke and indoctrinating them with all manner of perverse ideology.

Meanwhile, the military has been forced to undergo diversity training (at least, in America). Under a program that was scrapped by former President Donald Trump (but reinstated by President Joe Biden), members of the military are required to complete courses in Critical Race Theory, which is a tenet of cultural Marxism. It includes ‘white privilege’, as well as a smattering of other politically correct nonsense that is not going to aid them in any way when it comes to fighting wars.

While children are being taught about ‘systemic racism’ and ending up confused about their gender, Russia and China are making moves in preparation for global domination. It is obvious the two nations are working together. Look at what happened last weekend. First, the Biden administration attempted to get China to help by sharing intelligence on Russia’s troop buildup. It was done in the hopes that President Xi would step in on Europe’s behalf. Instead, Xi and his government took that information and shared it with Moscow. Later, the United Nations Security Council voted on a resolution to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine. The resolution failed because Russia vetoed it. That’s right, the nation invading another nation somehow has veto powers over a resolution to condemn itself. Of greater significance and concern was China’s decision to abstain from the vote. The only reason they would do such a thing is if they are aligned with Putin and are preparing for an invasion of their own in Taiwan.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have come fears of a third world war. But it is not the Russia-Ukraine conflict that will set off a third world war, it is Taiwan that everyone should be concerned about. If China gets its hands on Taiwan, a different virus is going to re-emerge and dwarf Covid – communism… And this one is far more deadly.

How we are going to fare against what’s coming? That is the question of the century.

There is no way we can stave off these old threats when all that made Western Civilisation a bastion of strength has been eroded by the culture of the Woke. People are so caught up in making sure they do not offend people that they have become psychologically, and in many cases physically, weak.

Just look at the response to the war Russia is waging against Ukraine. Not one day into the conflict, and Wokedom had reared its ugly head. Many of the worst takes on the situation came from those who have been ‘signalling virtue’ for years. And, as always, most of these terrible takes were found on Twitter.

One individual tweeted:

Reminder not to assign gender to anyone from Ukraine when tweeting about world war 3. Remember to use the correct term “folx” when referring to all Ukrainian folx! It’s not hard to be inclusive of all genders in Ukraine.’

Another said that trans and non-binary kids and Ukraine were linked. Then the crisis was used to bring Black Lives Matter to the forefront again, tweeting:

Please don’t let Putin distract you from the issues that really matter!’ alongside an image that read, “Ukrainian Lives Don’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter”.’

In other words, they could not care less about victims of war. But they will happily use the war to further their causes.

Some went down the white supremacy path, with The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur tweeting:

Right-wing doesn’t love Putin just because he is an authoritarian, tyrannical leader, they love him because he’s a WHITE authoritarian leader. Race has become more important than even nationality. They’ve even turned on democracy and now even America, in favour of a white warlord.’

Cenk was not only trying to make this about race in the typical Leftist fashion, but was disingenuously attempting to lump in the entire right-wing with Putin.

And, of course, there were those in the Covid cult who attempted to mix their beloved virus and vaccines in with the war. One person tweeted:

Lot of people in Ukraine crowding together inside. Only 35 per cent of Ukrainians have been vaccinated. Less than 2 per cent have been boosted.’

Somehow, I think Ukraine is not going to be concerned about vaccination when they are being invaded. Another user tried to use the war to attack those who have been protesting for freedoms, tweeting:

The events in Ukraine over the last few days really puts into context the idiotic screeches of “freedom fighters” from the far-right doesn’t it… How brave of those people – too cowardly to even get a little needle.’

Many who were protesting for freedom have come out in support of Ukraine, and it is extremely disingenuous to link the two and claim the protesters were ‘far-right’ or ‘afraid of getting a needle’.

And last, but not least, were the extremely tolerant individuals who said the unvaccinated should be drafted, because apparently they have no worth.

The actions of Western leaders have also demonstrated that the West is in a terrible state.

Apart from the virtue signalling of people like Daniel Andrews – who thought lighting up the city of Melbourne in the colours of the Ukrainian flag would convince Putin to stop invading – and NSW Opposition leader Chris Minns – who wanted the Opera House lit up with the Ukrainian colours – many nations, including the UK, USA, and Australia have imposed sanctions on Russia. These sanctions will achieve practically nothing given Russia is clearly being backed by China. Money will not be an issue for them. Weak tactics like booting the nation from Eurovision and taking their hosting rights for the UEFA Champions League final from them is not going to get Putin to rethink his plans. And if celebrities think their impassioned pleas are going to change anything, they are only deluding themselves (as per usual).

In the event of a war, the West needs to be strong. And for the West to be strong, it must have a strong culture. It must have strong leaders. It must not be at war with itself over the absurdities of cultural Marxism, and it must not allow the doctrines of such an ideology to overcome it, breaking it down until it is so weak that it cannot withstand an attack. No amount of virtue signalling is going to win us a war.

As it stands, America is weak. Biden’s constant displays of weakness have given Putin all he needs to know he can begin taking Ukraine. There is no doubt in any reasoned individual’s mind that Xi can also see this weakness and will also exploit it for his gain. The United States is in desperate need of an administration that stands up to nations like Russia and China. But they traded mean tweets for a man who sleeps, and now Western Civilisation is in retreat.

If we are going to survive what could well and truly be coming, we need to ditch the world of Wokedom in its entirety and prepare the West for what could just be one of the most important battles ever fought.

Joel Agius is an independent writer. If you would like to read more of his work, you can do so at JJ’s Outlook

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