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I want my country back

15 April 2022

9:00 AM

15 April 2022

9:00 AM

I hope the day returns when I am not surprised by the events unfolding before my eyes.

The older I get and the better I understand life, the less this happens, but over the last two years I have lost count of the number of times I’ve said, ‘I don’t believe what I’m seeing…’

I am specifically referring to the disconnect between the actions of governments, individuals, and the readily-available facts surrounding the Coronavirus.

Initially, this involved the disconnect between the impacts of the virus and government policies, as I have discussed previously. With the widespread coercion of individuals to take Covid vaccines, something far more sinister is unfolding before us.

Of course, any reluctance to take one of these vaccines very quickly attracts the ‘anti-vaxxer’ label. Let’s briefly consider this term, simply because no one else is prepared to define it.

Those that do not want to take Covid vaccines essentially fall into two camps. In the first camp, there are those that are opposed to all vaccines. In the second camp, there are those that generally support the use of vaccines and are only opposed to these vaccines specifically (which are not as robust as their historical counterparts).

This is something that alarmingly few people are aware of. In recognition that the Covid ‘vaccines’ do not meet the historical definition of a vaccine (hence my use of quotation marks) the term ‘immunity’ was removed from the definition of vaccination by the Centres for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) on September 1, last year.

It is now widely acknowledged by international and domestic health authorities that taking Covid vaccines does not stop you from catching the virus. Even if the claim that they ‘reduce symptoms’ is true, a more accurate label would be ‘symptomatic medicine’ like paracetamol, for example, as historical vaccines generally immunise with greater than 95+ per cent efficiency.

Nonetheless, coercion to take Covid vaccines is rampant. In some Australian states, citizens cannot attend gyms or restaurants, and (in many cases) hold down a job without ‘getting the jab’. Of all the people I know that took it, I can count on the fingers of one hand the people that took it without some form of coercion such as a state mandate.

So we know that these ‘vaccines’ don’t stop you from getting Covid, but what do they do to your body? Astonishingly, rare but lethal side effects are on the record globally. Anecdotally, young, healthy people appear to be dying from heart attacks at a higher rate – particularly in Europe where medical data is more readily available. People in their 40s or 50s (or much younger in many cases) with no history of heart conditions have presented with sudden-onset heart conditions.

As a scientist, I am acutely aware of the fact that conclusions cannot be based on anecdotes, so I sought some primary data to compare the age of death from registered Covid cases, confirmed vaccine injury, and heart conditions in general.

This data was very hard to find. The adverse events (DAEN) part of the TGA website lists deaths with no data available as to their age. If you go into the individual reports, it isn’t listed there either. That is, it may list ‘cardiac arrest’ as a negative outcome, but ‘death’ does not appear on the reports anywhere. This lack of transparency by a government body is unforgivable.

It was my intention to submit a Freedom of Information request to get this data, but someone has saved me the effort.

These data sets have been heavily redacted, and are only available with the age and no information available about gender or other circumstances. Nonetheless, it is useful data, as the tale it tells is shocking to the point of being difficult to believe.

In the time frame recorded, 893 deaths have been recorded.

Note: the TGA has only confirmed 11 Covid vaccine related deaths as of January 2022. The following are reports only.

Here is the raw data:

Fig 1.

What is apparent from the graph is that the age is decreasing with time, and this is reflected in the running average.

Fig 2.

At the present time, the overall average age of those listed as a fatal vaccine side effect is 74.5 years.

How does this compare the Covid mortality? On the latest data, the average age of those that die ‘with’ Covid is 80.8.

That is, against a life expectancy of 82.9, we can say that Covid robs you of 2.1 years, and the ‘vaccines’ rob you of 8.4 years.

But if we look into the data a little more, an even more disturbing trend emerges.

We can easily explain the decline in the running average by the fact that Covid vaccines were only made available to older people initially, but have gradually been made available to younger and younger people. In this context, if we take the average age of death over the last 100 reports, we see it plummet alarmingly from 74.5 to 66.0.

In short, our governments have potentially enacted policies that harm people. A defence on their part of ‘we didn’t know’ is inexcusable, as this is precisely the sort of thing they should be monitoring and pursuing when data becomes available.

Big tech and the mainstream media have made critical examination of vaccine data more difficult. I had my Twitter account terminated for accurately quoting government statistics on vaccine deaths. Mainstream media do not ever report on vaccine deaths, but they have no qualms about breathlessly reporting on someone in their 80s that died of a respiratory disease.

It’s not only the federal government. Mark McGowan runs by his own agenda, and is mandating Covid ‘vaccines’ for children as young as 5 before they are allowed to enter the state.

Having said all that, the situation could be even worse than what the present data is telling us. It is widely acknowledged that the data in adverse events databases is massively underreported. No one knows quite by how much. Australia is not unique in this problem.

If it turns out that Covid vaccines have played a role in the spike of overall morality figures, it ought to be reflected in the ‘all cause’ mortality statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – but we’ll have to wait a couple of years to find out, as this is how long the lag is on data, as highlighted by One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts.

Australians shouldn’t have to wait that long.

All the ‘vaccine’ data I’ve processed is for the Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca. In the last couple of months, we’ve seen the Novavax come onto the market. I’ve been watching the data, and although there have been many adverse reactions recorded (which many people get with flu shots anyway) there has yet to be a single serious outcome or death.

In simple terms, the mRNA ‘vaccines’ tell your body to make the spike proteins that supposedly protect you. Side effects are higher because they do other things as well. The Novavax (and the Australian Covax, if it ever becomes available) skips this step and simply supplies the spike proteins in a synthetic form, much like flu shots.

It’s awful that we find ourselves in this situation. I’ve spent most of my life feeling lucky that I wasn’t raised in a totalitarian regime. I’ve seen the stories of people that fled these regimes for places in the West. But that is no longer the case. I’ve heard at least one story of a family that left Australia to go back to Iran. Imagine that. A couple of years ago that would have been, to quote Vizzini, inconceivable.

I want my country back.

Dr Mark Imisides is a scientist and OH&S advisor.

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