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The (not so quiet) Australians are fed up

22 April 2022

9:00 AM

22 April 2022

9:00 AM

I am fed up with non-stop griping about politicians.

I am fed up with media, reporters, and commentators who are not only one-eyed but never critically question anything.

I am fed up with advocates of global warming who are not prepared to discuss details, preferring to blindly push expensive policy.

I am fed up with those that believe social media, under the control of a few international billionaires, presents the entirety of wisdom.

I am fed up with fringe activists groups that demand the majority, not just affirm their personal decisions, but agree to unreasonable demands without choice or debate.

I am fed up with judiciaries that try to re-interpret well-established legal principles and the Constitution.

I am fed up with those who seem to believe that all ills are a result of skin colour.

I am fed up with constant chatter about generally inconsequential matters while our established social, legal, and economic norms are torn away and thrown in the gutter by people who are feasting at the public trough but have no understanding or care about how that trough is filled.

I am fed up with not having a leader who will stand up, declare what he believes in, and then actually work to resolve some of Australia’s problems.

I don’t believe that I am alone. I suspect that the majority of the electorate is as fed up as I am with the political class.

Politicians have frittered away years indulging in pathetic politicking while we, the citizens of this once free country, have been left with no long term energy policies, a weak Defence Force, a lack of industry, massive debt, an uncontrolled real estate market (which prevents young people from buying their own home), and state governments who ride roughshod over the Constitution with inexplicable Covid mandates and authoritarian police forces. Our public service bureaucrats are unresponsive to our problems and seem incapable of delivering anything. They are incompetent, under-skilled, and unanswerable.

I have spent my life working – working hard – as have so many others.

After retiring, I see all that I worked for and found good about Australia being stolen and destroyed by the greedy Insiders. I am too old to fight the long battle to return us to the country we were, where freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly, and freedom to demonstrate peacefully was accepted as the norm. But there are others who can.

There is an election coming up, and we have a choice of two major parties – peas in a pod that never show any interest in what their constituents want. They pander to money and the establishment, to big power brokers and the uncaring media. They are weak on policy and even weaker on principles.

The National Party is an appendage to the Liberals, not an alternative. The Green Party have no formulated policies and no idea how to implement anything that they propose. They are an appendage to the Labor Party. These parties, with big education, public services, big money, big unions, big business, and big media, are the Insiders. The rest of us, the majority, are the Outsiders.

So, what to do? How about throwing the bastards out… Vote for a true Independent. Not one who is proposing to follow the policies of any particular major political party, but one who proposes to follow the wishes of the electorate. Vote in as many as we can. They may lack experience, but that comes with doing the job. They will have heart and skills that can be adapted.

This is very likely to result in a hung parliament, but so what? The victorious party, the one selected to govern has to either govern with the assistance of the Independents and pay attention to the electorate, or else flounder and have to return to the electorate. And then we can do it again. Maybe we will eventually get a truly representative parliament that reflects the views of Australians rather than the ‘Insiders’.

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