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Bernie Finn: how the mighty have fallen

26 May 2022

7:00 AM

26 May 2022

7:00 AM

Two giants have fallen.

One has been falling for quite some time and it looks like it will be broken and derelict for years to come. The other has taken a king-hit, but will go from strength to strength. I refer to the Victorian Liberal Party and their champion conservative MP Bernie Finn who was booted out of the party this week.

Finn is an outspoken conservative and pro-lifer. This was too much for the Woke, spineless wonders in the Liberal Party. From Matthew Guy down, most Libs could not stomach a real-deal conservative standing strong on core conservative values and principles, including a child’s right to life.

His presence in the Liberal Party provided a contrast to his wishy-washy peers. So, they pulled out their long knives and stabbed Bernie in the back (metaphorically, of course). Some 23 years of fierce loyalty to the party did not mean beans to these cowards and fools. Their loss will be our gain.

(More background can be found in this piece which explains in detail how the situation came about.)

As to Finn’s expulsion, the Libs are to be condemned: the party decided this matter at 10 am Tuesday, but pro-Bernie protests were planned for that time outside of Parliament House, so the Libs moved the execution to 8:30 am to avoid the crowds.

Here is how one media outlet covered the story:

‘The Victorian Liberals have voted to expel controversial MP Bernie Finn from the party. The upper house MP has been a Liberal politician for nearly four decades but has caused outrage within the party after a series of inflammatory social media posts. Victorian Liberal Party leader Matthew Guy said the vote was not about the party “naval gazing from the federal election” but “being a sensible alternative government”. “It is disappointing that it has come to this, but I expect discipline from all members of the parliamentary party and I expect people to uphold respectful discourse,” he said.

‘Speaking outside Victoria’s Parliament House after the motion, Mr Finn said he originally joined the Liberal Party because “it was the party of freedom”. “What we have seen today is a statement from the leader of our party that the party I joined over 41 years ago is dead,” he said. “The party of Menzies and Howard is no more — not in Victoria. I will continue to fight, not just in this parliament, but in the next parliament as well.”’

Imagine being called ‘controversial’ and being kicked out of a ‘conservative’ party because you think killing babies is not how a civilised society should operate. What does that tell us about the value-light Libs who have developed a habit of brainlessly imitating Labor and the Greens?

The Victorian Liberals deserve to remain in the political wilderness for decades to come. What true conservative or Christian would consider voting for this miserable bunch? They need to be given a wide berth.

The Federal Liberals are little better.

The Libs were trounced in the May federal election. Plenty of ink has already been spilled, but a few points stand out.

Morrison and the Liberals sought to become a lighter shade of Labor. They lost big time. The Libs tend to lose when they try to out-Labor Labor. Voters can vote for the Greens and Labor if that is what they want. They do not need the Libs to be fake lefties and faux Laborites.

About the only good news is that some much-needed house cleaning was forced upon them. Of the 19 Libs that look to have lost their seats, most were ‘moderates’ or lefties. Morrison himself was never a true conservative, and other Woke wonders like Tim Wilson, Trent Zimmerman, and Dave Sharma were also booted out.

Even Josh Frydenberg, who also pushed Net Zero nonsense, lost his seat. Clearing out ideological dead wood is a good thing. With a conservative like Peter Dutton almost certain to take over the leadership, there may be hope yet for its future – but only if it learns the lessons of its past defeats.

Whither Bernie?

Bernie Finn has long stood on conservative values in general and his defence of the unborn in particular. But for that, he is has become a persona non grata with the Libs. That tells us all we need to know about the modern-day broad church party. Shame, shame, shame.

But Bernie has said he will stay in politics. He is not down and out, unlike his former party. Indeed, he said he will, ‘Form a new movement, if that’s what’s needed.’ Whether he stays in as an independent or joins a smaller party that does appreciate his talents, his faithfulness and his commitment to life and freedom remains to be seen. Bernie has a future. The same cannot be said about the dead in the water Libs.

Thank you, Bernie. Your decades of faithful support and service to the Libs has all gone down the drain, but all the good that you have done over the years has not been wasted. And as a young and sprightly 61-year-old, you have many good years left in you yet to serve Victoria and the nation. And especially to serve the unborn.

There are greener and better political pastures out there for you Bernie. We wish you all the best and we salute you and honour you for all that you have done. I am not a believer in human cloning, but if I were, I would like to order a few dozen more of you.

Thanks again champ.

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