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Rowan Dean's election comment

21 May 2022

10:10 PM

21 May 2022

10:10 PM

Scott Morrison and the Coalition did not lose government last night. They lost it on November 1 last year, when Scott Morrison stood in front of an adoring crowd of climate cultists in Glasgow and committed Australia to the ridiculous pledge of ‘Net Zero by 2050’.

Attacking and resisting Climate Change alarmism had been the secret winning weapon of the Liberal and National parties at every election since and including the landslide win in 2013.

The most pathetic scenes in this election campaign were watching Liberals and Nationals stand impotently by as they were attacked on Climate Change.

Rather than going on the attack by pointing out the energy crisis in Europe and the spiralling inflation in the US are all the result of climate alarmism, thanks to Scott Morrison and the bedwetters within the Liberal party, they played along with the pretence that we can close down our coal mines and still maintain our prosperity.

Scott Morrison, through his cowardice on the climate issue and so many other issues – in particular the abandonment of the nation during Covid to the outrageous human rights abuses of the Labor premiers – and cultural issues such as religious freedom, has decimated the Liberal party.

If you stand for nothing, you lose. That is the message from this campaign.

If you betray your base, you lose.

If you follow the siren calls of focus group researchers, you lose.

Whether you like or loathe the Teals, the point is they fought from a position of conviction. They stood for something and they won.

It is time for the Liberal party to rediscover its conservative convictions and stop pandering to the woke, touchy-feely left.

As we now know in no uncertain terms, appeasement is a sure path to defeat.

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