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Roots in our past, growing for our future

23 June 2022

7:00 AM

23 June 2022

7:00 AM

Despite this being the year of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, the republican debate in Australia has reignited following the Albanese government’s appointment of an Assistant Minister for the Republic.

In response, monarchists have once more assembled in preparation to see off another wrong-headed affront to the Crown in our Constitution. 

Our organisation, the Australian Monarchist League, has a proud history of defending both the Australian Constitution and Her Majesty’s reputation Down Under. As a member-based organisation, we have been forged in the fires of the constitutional debates in the 1990s when we, and other monarchists, fought off the 1999 referendum.

If Prime Minister Albanese wishes, we stand ready to see off challenges to our Constitution in the 21st century.

Peter FitzSimons, Chair of the Australian Republic Movement, recently questioned, ‘How many of these monarchists even are there?’

In fact, the Australian Monarchist League’s proven support base is in excess of 50,000 and we are growing rapidly. Australians are outraged by the appointment of Labor’s new Assistant Minister for ‘the’ Republic (what republic?) and are signing up to the Australian Monarchist League in great numbers.

What’s more, a third of us in the Australian Monarchist League are under the age of forty, and many of our executives and spokespeople are in their early twenties. Our young monarchists collectively demonstrate that today’s youth support our Australian Constitution as it is. If you’re a young person who doesn’t want to give your politicians any more constitutional power, the Australian Monarchist League is definitely the organisation for you.

We’re an active organisation, and have been consistently so for nearly three decades. For instance, in 1998, Toyota put out a commercial championing the slogan, ‘Don’t worry, Your Majesty, you’re not the only British export that’s had its day.’

The Australian Monarchist League protested this slight against Her Majesty so successfully that Toyota’s board in Tokyo withdrew the commercial, sacked its American advertising agency, and issued a formal apology to Buckingham Palace.

The Australian Monarchist League has a few fundamental positions. The first and foremost of these is this: that Her Majesty Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, is Sovereign and that the Governor-General of Australia, His Excellency The Hon. General David Hurley AC DS FTSE (Retd), is our executive Head of State. In other words, the Governor-General discharges our absent Sovereign’s duties, just as an executor discharges the Will of a testator.

Twenty-five years ago, we may have claimed a different position to the above, but make no mistake: the Australian Monarchist League is not ideologically stagnant. We are an erudite and nimble organisation that always researches, listens, learns, and adapts.

The League’s motto, ‘Roots in our past, growing for our future’, is an honest one, and one which we feel strongly bound by.

Recently, there’s been talk of Australia being headed by a ‘foreign monarch’. But there’s so much more at stake than arguing over who was born where and who lives in what city. Although Her Majesty is based abroad, our Governor-General, as Australia’s executive Head of State, is by convention an eminent, accessible Australian, just like Governor-General Hurley.

One striking thing about our system of government is that it’s free. The only time we pay for our Sovereign is when She tours Australia, and even then, Her travels cost the Australian taxpayer vastly less than, say, a visit from the US Secretary of State.

Visits to Australia and New Zealand by the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge draw prominent and unparalleled attention to First Nations’ institutions, charities, and Australian culture. The crowds that line the streets to catch a glimpse of their future King are a genuine cross-section of Australia, and there is something that binds them together that far transcends celebrity or political allegiance: a je ne sais quoi that no politician or President could replicate.

For a free system, we have every benefit. We have a Sovereign who is impartial, apolitical, and a constant anchor in troubled times. Our Queen is devoted to serving the peoples of her realms, be they in Australia, Canada, Belize, or Papua New Guinea. Furthermore, by possessing in reserve executive authority and yet never utilising it, the Crown provides a sound and enduring symbol as the source of power, existing for the interests of the nation and its people, a bulwark against tyranny that is untouched by politics.

Our Sovereign and her representatives ensure that there is a check and balance on the exercise of transient political power.

To us, this seems like a pretty solid constitutional arrangement. Yes, it might upset a few presidential aspirants, but it’s certainly on the side of the Australian people.

The Australian Republic Movement, and more alarmingly the Albanese Government by way of its Assistant Minister for the Republic, would have us throw out a free system for a ‘transition’ and a system that costs hundreds of millions of dollars in recurring expenses. Wouldn’t that money be better spent on the arts, our healthcare system, or solving the energy crisis?

While we’re on the subject of money, in 2019, Dr Mario Guillén, then-Zandman Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, found that, much to his surprise, the economies of monarchies outperformed those of republics, because monarchies tend to better protect property rights and reduce national political instability.

In the Australian Monarchist League, we believe that Australians want and deserve to have honest conversations about our Constitution. Indeed, we think Australians are yearning to trade rhetoric and manipulative appeals to symbolic emotion for facts and pseudo-morality for reality. As we hope you can see, the Australian Monarchist League is prepared to be, in the interests of the Australian people, honest and frank.

Stability, sovereignty, tradition, continuity. These are the four watchwords of the Australian Monarchist League.

Our campaign has begun.

It started instantly with the appointment of the Assistant Minister for the Republic. The Australian Monarchist League is stunned that there is now a Minister of the Crown working actively to remove the Crown. It is amazing to us that among Prime Minister Albanese’s first acts as Prime Minister was to decree the use of ministerial resources for republican ends.

Despite claims that the next move toward a Republic since the collapse of 1999 should be informed by grassroots action, this has been a top-down agenda, which is ironic given what we are told about republican values.

Or perhaps that’s the point: to use this new bureaucracy to manufacture consent on the taxpayer dollar and stealthily condition Australians to support a republic ahead of any referendum. The Prime Minister has seemingly created an uneven playing field; we of the Australian Monarchist League are now the underdogs.

To our ranks we welcome all Australian constitutional monarchists, from all backgrounds and experiences. Help us to protect our Commonwealth and promote the continuance of a strong system that is working. Join the Australian Monarchist League today!

Rachel Bailes and Alexander Voltz are Spokespersons for the Australian Monarchist League.

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