2563: Areas for development

9 July 2022

9:00 AM

9 July 2022

9:00 AM

11 Across (two words) suggests the other unclued lights, which are all one-word anagrams of words of a kind (one of two words).


1 More mawkish sot that is hugged by sister (8)

8 They may be catching insects (4)

12 Indian manager’s hesitation, in trouble (5)

14 Like a diplomat dancing one-step (7, two words)

16 Rear female animal (4)

17 Host picked up case of Malbec (5)

18 Awful or decent mathematician’s locus (8)

21 Earl has mostly calm month (4)

22 Passion following wrath (4)

26 Oddly, some ruin this Hindu sacred writing (6)

27 Skill about filling service flask (7)

30 Sent over great doctor for foot (4)

37 Sign one wears large undergarment (5)

38 Russian vehicle made by Apple? (4)

39 Priest hosts ally in island (7, two words)

41 Rocky peninsula clear in period of darkness (14, two words)

42 Military decoration’s for bovids (4)

43 Bit of the woodwork put out by pub (8)


1 Bit of material, section to keep an eye on (6)

3 Avoids actor’s finale in parodies (6)

4 Clan leader has tattoo on his bum about love (7)

5 What I’d like to be, say, over current agreement (8, two words)

7 Name a very soft Liberal in high spirits (11)

8 Life, note, in ecological community (5)

9 Barge in river crossed by old goat with money (9)

10 First Lady taken in less tight arms (7)

13 Football team cracked a rib’s bony parts (8)

15 French friend seizes old buffoon madly (11)

19 Family with a bear in Asian mountain (8)

24 One hugging corrupt influencer of trial (8)

26 Commercial shopping area has cut down (7, two words)

32 Is a bar going wild for parties? (6)

33 Wave, dropping king’s cup (6)

34 Spin with ace compilers in Malay boats (5)

36 In Paris, you left it for US city (5)

Download a printable version here.

A first prize of £30 for the first correct solution opened on 25 July. There are two runners-up prizes of £20. Please scan or photograph entries and email them (including the crossword number in the subject field) to – the dictionary prize is not available. We will accept postal entries again at some point.

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