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Climate Change causes domestic violence...?

1 July 2022

10:00 AM

1 July 2022

10:00 AM

Australia has an Ambassador for Women and Girls. Who knew?

She was completely absent during the debate on women’s sport. But don’t worry, the Ambassador is on the job now, warning that Climate Change will increase domestic violence.


In a video message released last month for the 50th meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, Ambassador Christine Clarke said:

As we confront the climate crisis, women and girls and human rights must be at the centre of our collective efforts. 

Climate change and its consequences can exacerbate the risk of sexual and gender-based violence. 

This risk is most acute for women and girls facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and inequality, including indigenous women and girls.

Australia would welcome the panellist’s view on good practices addressing violence against women and girls in the context of climate change.’

The ambassador will need a chiropractor after the contortions she performed to link the two topics. Or did one set of notes get mixed in with another?

It sounded like she was trying to say that rising sea levels will cause men to attack their wives.

In brief: Climate Change makes men angry!

Just roll with it, it’s science.

That said, it was disappointing the Ambassador did not see fit to address systemic transphobia experienced by Indigenous gender queer communities whenever cows release methane.

Tellingly, Ambassador Clarke tweeted her speech, only to quickly restrict the comments when people started pointing out that it was nothing but a Woke word salad.

The public get it. Our elites do not.

Climate Change reminds me of Homer Simpson daydreaming about donuts. Homer wonders in awe…

Donuts … Is there nothing they can’t do?’

Anyway, I’m sure the only way to fight violence against ‘women and girls in all their diversity’ (one can only assume that phrase was used to leave a little wriggle room for women and girls with penises) is to throw money at the clouds.

If we pay more taxes, stop driving SUVs and become vegetarians, women will be safe from men who – let’s face it – are driven crazy by storms.

Depending on which report you read, Indigenous women are between 30 and 80 times more likely to experience domestic abuse than non-Indigenous women. That’s how badly climate change is affecting aboriginal communities!

But men and women will dwell together in peace if we can limit global warming to below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

And Net Zero emissions will usher in a new era of harmony between the sexes.

Everybody is milking the taxpayer over Climate Change, and in some ways, you have to grudgingly admire the ambassador for finding an angle.

On the other hand, she is really just repeating a worn-out line that the Greens tried back in 2019 when a women’s rights activist, flanked by Greens senator Larissa Waters, warned that bushfires would spark domestic violence.

‘After a cataclysmic event like this, domestic violence peaks,’ the activist said. ‘Women become extremely unsafe, when generally the men return home from the fires and subject them to domestic violence.’

No one was buying the ‘fires turn men into wife beaters’ line back then. And judging by the reaction to Ambassador Clarke’s speech, no one is buying the ‘warm days turn men into monsters’ shtick now.

Climate Change doesn’t create domestic violence, but Woke idiocy does turn domestic violence into a joke. And that’s the real danger here.

Stupidity like this is what makes people de-sensitised and non-empathetic towards important issues, such as domestic violence.

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