Five tacos Jill Biden thinks are Hispanics

13 July 2022

2:46 AM

13 July 2022

2:46 AM

Jill Biden apparently thinks Hispanics are tacos and vice versa. At a conference in San Antonio on Monday, Dr. Biden said Latinos were “as unique as the breakfast tacos here in San Antonio.”

And just as there’s a plethora of Hispanic Americans, so too is there an incredible variety of tacos. Here now are five tacos that may remind Jill Biden of various Latinos she knows.

The Crunch Wrap Supreme from Taco Bell

This is the most un-Mexican of the bunch (i.e. not Mexican at all, nor is it even a taco). Taco Bell’s Crunch Wrap Supreme is full of things that will upset your stomach but will satisfy your hunger. Unfortunately Jill Biden won’t be able to try one given that it would come too close to eating an actual Hispanic.

Chipotle tacos

While Chipotle has less of a menu and more of a subway style of preparation, Jill Biden would appreciate seeing the meal prepared in front of her. Of course, there’s always a slight chance of food poisoning, but that is par for the course. There’s a little bit of give and take when ordering at Chipotle, similar to slipping in a stereotype when you “compliment” a group of people. Adding to that, tacos are the most overlooked thing on the Chipotle menu.

California Burrito from District Taco

This burrito is both the most expensive thing on the District Taco menu and is named after California, which makes it an easy reference point for Dr. Biden. Here’s hoping she can distinguish it from various people named Paco and José.

Baja Fresh’s Americano Taco

Cockburn tends to think this one is a better fit for an “America First” First Lady, given that it has “Americano” in the name. Honestly, he only chose this one for the pun. It’s got meat, it’s got cheese, and you need five of them to feel full. What could be more American?

Mango Shrimp Taco from Surf Taco

While this last pick isn’t anything like actual Mexican food, it does provide an excellent beginner course, which is something First Lady Biden badly needs. She should take a cue from her husband, who is evidently an aficionado of Latin culture. As for Cockburn, he likes to wash this one down with a Tecate and a shot of Cuervo.

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