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The power of cancel culture reduces women to 'a vibe'

11 July 2022

4:00 AM

11 July 2022

4:00 AM

How powerful is cancel culture? Ask singer Macy Gray.

Just 72 hours after telling Sky News that a woman is ‘a human being with boobs and a vagina’ the R&B singer told NBC that she had ‘learned so much’ and now believed a woman to be ‘a vibe’.

What happened between her chat with Piers Morgan on July 5 and her Today appearance on July 8?


Not an education in biology, but an education in cancel culture. 

Macy learned – no doubt from her management team – that her latest album, due out this month, would be an absolute flop if she didn’t change her views, and fast.

The Grammy Award winning singer casually strolled into the trans minefield on Tuesday when promoting her upcoming album on Sky TV. 

When host Piers Morgan asked her what a woman was, Macy replied without hesitation, as if it was obvious:

‘A human being with boobs and a vagina. As a woman, just because you go and change your parts doesn’t make you a woman, sorry. I know that for a fact.

‘If you want me to call you a “her”, I will. Because that’s what you want but that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you a “her” and just because you got a surgery.’

When Piers Morgan warned that Macy might cop a backlash for her comments, she replied firmly:

‘But it’s the truth!’ 

The backlash Piers had warned about was fierce. And the truth Macy had espoused was quickly tossed overboard like so much excess baggage on a sinking boat.

Macy was slammed on social media. She was labelled ignorant, a bigot, and a transphobe. 

The storm created by her assertion that women have boobs and a vagina was so great that it threatened to overshadow the launch of her album, ironically called Reset.

Reset indeed, you could hear the management team scream!

Three days later a contrite Macy Gray made her pilgrimage to NBC where she repented of her gender heresy and begged forgiveness for straying from the Woke narrative.

NBC Today show host Hoda Kotb, acting as chief confessor, gently guided a remorseful Macy Gray through the steps necessary to redeem a penitent sinner, er, music career.

‘You were on the Piers Morgan Show and there was a question about trans women and this is what you said in part,’ Hoda began. 

Macy shifted uncomfortably in her seat and stared awkwardly at the floor as Hoda read aloud her offending comments.

‘Just because you go change your parts doesn’t make you a woman,’ Hoda read. 

Watching from home you could almost feel the entire TV studio cringe. 

Who would say such things, apart from a biologist or a person who had momentarily forgotten that they still have to make a living in today’s world?

Then Hoda invited Macy to … ‘Just tell me where you are right now on that statement.’

This was Macy’s cue. The opportunity for a worldview reset to save her album Reset.

Macy was ready. She told Hoda:

‘I think it takes a lot of courage to be yourself, to go out in the world and be honest about who you are. I think anyone who is in the LBGT community is a hero, and sets an example for all of us.’

The irony was thick.

Macy Gray was applauding the heroism of the trans community for their commitment to honesty even as she was performing a very public backflip in a desperate bid to not be destroyed by that same community for her honesty.

Gray confessed that she ‘said some things that didn’t go over well’ by which she meant that she said ‘women have boobs and a vagina’.

‘My intention was never to hurt anybody,’ she lamented, by which we can only assume she was referring to women who did not have boobs and a vagina by virtue of being biological men.

Macy was looking decidedly uncomfortable as she was saying all this. One cannot imagine why.

These confessions work to a formula so, having, apologised for the hurt caused, Macy moved on to the next stage which was to confess her ignorance.

‘I think it’s about education, conversation, and us getting to a point where we understand each other. And I’ve learned a lot through this. 

‘So I think that was one of the reasons it might have happened, a huge learning experience for me … I’ve learned so much.’

It couldn’t be easy to go on national television at age 54 and say that you had no idea what a woman was until just five minutes ago. Especially when you are a woman yourself. And have a mother. And a daughter.

It’s a lack of education, you see. If only Macy had access to learnings – other than science and common sense and her own lying eyes – much earlier. There wouldn’t have been all this confusion about boobs and stuff.

But in the 72 hours since her transgression on Sky TV Macy had been well and truly schooled in the definition of a woman, by which I mean Leftist narratives.

Throughout the interview, er confession, Macy continually fidgets and looks down at the floor. It appears almost as if she simply wants to get this over with so that she can be allowed to resume her life.

Having apologised for the hurt and having confessed her own gross ignorance, all that remained was for her to go ahead and say the right thing.

The NBC host was there to help, gently prompting Macy Gray: 

‘So has your perspective changed?’

Gray replied:

‘Being a woman is a vibe and it’s something I’m very proud of and something that it is very precious to me.

‘I think that if you in your heart feel that’s what you are, then that’s what you are regardless of what anybody says or thinks.’

Repentance is a Bible word that means to turn from your sins to God – literally to go in the opposite direction. 

From ‘boobs and a vagina’ to it’s ‘a vibe’ was dramatic evidence of true repentance. 

And so, with that confession, the NBC host was pleased to pronounce absolution:

‘Thank you for clearing that up because I think some people got confused and you realise through education maybe you do feel differently about things. This is all coming as you have new music coming out. Tell me about this new record…’

Her sin now dealt with, Macy was free to re-enter polite society and get on with her life. 

She did what she had to do.

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