WATCH: Joe Biden’s Holocaust gaffe

14 July 2022

6:07 AM

14 July 2022

6:07 AM

Has the president been possessed by an alt-right troll? Nope, it’s just Joe being Joe. No sooner had Joe Biden landed in Israel this afternoon than he managed to commit a gaffe so heinous that it’s hard to see how his hosts will forgive him.

After stepping off Air Force One, Biden said it was vital to “bear witness” to the Nazi atrocities of World War Two in order to “keep alive the truth and honor of the Holocaust.” He promptly corrected himself by saying “…horror of the Holocaust,” but the damage was done. Oh dear. Here’s the video:

Joe Biden arrives in Tel Aviv, and promptly says he wants to “keep alive the honor of the Holocaust” before correcting himself.

— (@townhallcom) July 13, 2022

Biden’s latest calamity came after his teleprompter trouble earlier this week, when he mistakenly read out the instructions: “End of quote. Repeat the line.”

How long can poor ol’ Joe go on?

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