Who’s backing who? Mordaunt takes second

12 July 2022

12:43 PM

12 July 2022

12:43 PM

Only two Tory MPs will make it to the membership for a final election – which is why the number of endorsements matters. Rishi Sunak has the most with 38, then Penny Mordaunt with 24. Tom Tugendhat comes third with 20 backers followed by Liz Truss on 16. Next up is Jeremy Hunt, Kemi Badenoch and Nadhim Zahawi on 14 while Priti Patel is on 13. Sajid Javid has 12, ahead of Suella Braverman is on 11. Meanwhile Grant Shapps has eight and Rehman Chishti currently has none. Here is the full list:

Rishi Sunak (38)

  1. Mark Harper – ‘He represents a return to traditional Conservative values.’
  2. Jacob Young – ‘Time after time, Rishi has backed Teesside.’
  3. Angela Richardson – ‘Rishi was key to keeping our country going.’
  4. John Glen – ‘He has the necessary intellect and integrity to be the fresh start the country needs.’
  5. Laura Trott – ‘It’s time for a leader with integrity.’
  6. Mark Spencer – ‘Rishi is the leader that can win us that fifth general election victory.’
  7. Claire Coutinho – ‘He can restore trust in politics and get the economy back on its feet.’
  8. Liam Fox – ‘Our next Prime Minister must tell the truth to the British people.’
  9. Kevin Hollinrake
  10. Paul Maynard – ‘Rishi is why we have record low unemployment today.’
  11. Robert Jenrick
  12. Bob Neill – ‘He’s someone who shows seriousness.’
  13. Oliver Dowden – ‘Rishi is the best person to lead our country.’
  14. Mel Stride – ‘We must have a serious individual to steer us through these serious times.’
  15. Julie Marson – ‘He has competence, experience and an outstanding track record.’
  16. Bim Afolami – ‘Rishi is decent, principled, experienced and capable.’
  17. Simon Jupp – ‘It’s time to get serious, restore trust, and rebuild our economy.’
  18. Simon Hoare – ‘Only Rishi as Prime Minister can grip the enormous challenges that we face’
  19. Louie French – ‘Rishi has the attributes to restore trust in politics.’
  20. Andrew Murrison – ‘Will do all I can to help speed his entry into Number Ten.’
  21. Helen Whately – ‘Working alongside Rishi in the Treasury I’ve seen his judgement.’
  22. Maria Caulfield
  23. Fay Jones – ‘Rishi will bring innovation and imagination.’
  24. Peter Gibson – ‘He has helped me, worked with me and supported me.’
  25. Craig Williams – ‘He has a record of action.’
  26. Robert Goodwill
  27. James Cartlidge – ‘A leader with real integrity.’
  28. Gareth Davies – ‘Rishi has the strength, ability and vision to take our country forward’
  29. Siobhan Baillie – ‘I’m backing Rishi as the best choice for Britain’
  30. Simon Hart – ‘Only Rishi has the experience, values and vision to be our next Prime Minister’
  31. Rebecca Pow
  32. Anthony Browne – ‘As chair of the Backbench Treasury Committee, I have been working close to Rishi Sunak for two years, and been very impressed by him.’
  33. Ruth Edwards – ‘He’s proved what he can do in the pandemic.’
  34. Greg Hands – ‘The stand-out choice for the job.’
  35. Gary Streeter – ‘I consider him to be a class act.’
  36. Laura Farris
  37. Andrew Bowie – ‘Rishi Sunak is tested at the highest level.’
  38. Victoria Prentis – ‘Rishi Sunak’s energy, decency and pragmatism are what we need to tackle today’s challenges’

Penny Mordaunt (23)

  1. Kieran Mullan – ‘Penny is serious about a balanced pro growth strategy.’
  2. Nicola Richards – ‘She’s exactly what the party and the country needs.’
  3. Andrea Leadsom – ‘Penny Mordaunt will deliver the new economic vision that Britain needs.’
  4. Michael Fabricant – ‘Someone I have a lot of admiration for.’
  5. Caroline Dinenage – ‘She is our best chance.’
  6. John Lamont – ‘Penny would unify the country and the Conservative Party.
  7. Charles Walker
  8. Alicia Kearns – ‘Service to our nation is in her blood.’
  9. Robbie Moore – ‘Highly capable, experienced & best placed to get us though current challenges.’
  10. George Freeman – (Article) ‘Her CV is truly unique. With a successful career in industry, service in the armed forces, and as Defence Secretary…[she] has the experience to deal with the security and economic issues that face us now..’
  11. Caroline Ansell – ‘She has the experience to lead.’
  12. Harriet Baldwin
  13. Craig Tracey – ‘She would make an amazing Prime Minister!’
  14. Elliot Colburn – ‘I’m inspired by her sense of duty and determination to take our great country forward.’
  15. James Gray
  16. Damian Collins
  17. Derek Thomas– ‘She has the conviction, strength of character and vision to bring the country together.’
  18. Maria Miller – ‘Doesn’t duck the tough issues and brings people together.’
  19. Theo Clarke – ‘I’m backing Penny to be the compassionate leader we need to lead this country.’
  20. Duncan Baker – ‘We need leadership over Ukraine and the cost of living.’
  21. James Sunderland – ‘A proven leader, Brexiteer, pro-Union, low tax, no-nonsense, fresh, fun, dynamic.’
  22. Sarah Atherton – ‘A politician with integrity, a team player, who holds core conservative values’
  23. Bob Seely – ‘Penny knows how to win to keep us in office.’
  24. Kate Griffiths – ‘Penny will unite the party.’

Liz Truss (16)

  1. Alec Shelbrooke – ‘I’m active in her campaign.’
  2. Dehenna Davison – ‘She’s really forthright and she’s really trying to find a way forward for Britain.’
  3. Jackie Doyle-Price – ‘She believes in low taxes.’
  4. Julian Knight – ‘Britain needs to head back to a low tax economy and that’s why I am backing Liz.’
  5. Chloe Smith – ‘She is the right person to take our country forward.’
  6. Rob Butler – ‘Our next Prime Minister must bring true integrity AND values.’
  7. Dean Russell – ‘With a strong vision for the UK & the ability to deliver, I back Liz for leader.’
  8. Marcus Fysh – ‘The one who is experienced, tough, practical, has the right economic plan, will sort the NI Protocol and make the most of independence from the EU.’
  9. Darren Henry – ‘She has a clear vision for the economy and a track record of delivering Conservative policies.’
  10. Simon Clarke – ‘She’s tough on our enemies abroad, will seize the opportunities of Brexit and has a strong record of delivery.’
  11. Ranil Jayawardena – ‘Britain is a brilliant country, with huge untapped potential. We need to unleash it.’
  12. Therese Coffey – ‘We need a leader who can unite the Red and Blue Wall.’
  13. Kwasi Kwarteng – ‘She is very much focused on wealth creation.’
  14. Wendy Morton – ‘A leader who can hit the ground running on day one.’
  15. Vicky Ford – ‘We have seen how she works in government.’
  16. James Cleverly

Nadhim Zahawi (13)

  1. Jonathan Gullis – ‘I see someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk.’
  2. Sara Britcliffe – ‘An all-round good guy.’
  3. Brandon Lewis – ‘He delivers and gets things done. He would be an excellent leader of our party and of our great country.’
  4. David Johnston – ‘The person to unleash the country’s potential.’
  5. Amanda Milling – ‘As a fellow Midlands MP, I trust in his proven record of delivery.’
  6. Michelle Donelan – ‘He gets things done.’
  7. Mark Fletcher
  8. Jesse Norman – ‘Powering up our economy is fundamentally about aspiration, innovation, competition and entrepreneurship.’
  9. Mark Jenkinson – ‘I need to get behind the candidate that will be a friend to Workington.’
  10. Jack Brereton– ‘He can deliver on levelling up.’
  11. Tobias Ellwood – ‘Britain needs a leader committed to increasing defence spend to 2.5 per cent by 2025.’
  12. Paul Scully – ‘As a businessman and a former councillor, Nadhim is the man to get things done.’
  13. Maggie Throup – ‘This outstanding record of delivery is unparalleled.’

Kemi Badenoch (14)

  1. Tom Hunt – ‘Unashamedly patriotic, brave and authentic.’
  2. Lee Rowley – ‘It’s time for change.’
  3. Eddie Hughes – ‘This straight talking approach will appeal to traditional Conservative voters.’
  4. Lee Anderson – ‘She destroys Labour at the despatch box.’
  5. Julia Lopez – ‘Kemi is courageous, modern, energised and up for the fight.’
  6. Justin Tomlinson – ‘Determined, honest, straight-talking.’
  7. Ben Bradley – ‘Kemi’s got a really clear vision.’
  8. Gareth Bacon – ‘She would lead a government that cuts taxes and bureaucracy.’
  9. Caroline Johnson – ‘Energy, clarity of vision, sound Conservative principles and the bravery to stand up for those values.’
  10. Andrew Lewer – ‘Integrity. Intelligence. Instinct. Industriousness.’
  11. Neil O’Brien – ‘She’s principled and courageous’
  12. Michael Gove – ‘Brave, principled and kind… she makes the case for Conservativism with unanswerable intellectual authority and personal passion..’
  13. Leo Docherty – ‘Kemi is a deeply principled small state, low tax conviction Conservative.’
  14. Alex Burghart – ‘Kemi Badenoch’s gusto and integrity is Labour’s worst nightmare, she can destroy Starmer’

Suella Braverman (11) 

  1. Desmond Swayne – ‘I’m backing Suella.’
  2. Jason McCartney – ‘I agree with my boss.’
  3. Robin Millar
  4. Henry Smith
  5. Steve Baker – ‘There really is nobody better to get our country back on track.’
  6. Julian Lewis
  7. John Hayes
  8. Philip Hollobone
  9. Richard Drax
  10. Danny Kruger – ‘Suella is committed to the economic and social vision I believe in.’
  11. David Jones

Tom Tugendhat (20)

  1. Damian Green – ‘It’s time for a clean start.’
  2. Aaron Bell
  3. Robert Largan – ‘We need someone who’s going to be able to show leadership.’
  4. John Stevenson – ‘Can unite my party and unite the country.’
  5. Stephen Hammond
  6. Robert Syms – ‘Would inject some much-needed fresh thinking.’
  7. Anne-Marie Trevelyan
  8. Mark Logan – ‘He is a patriot who will battle for the people of Bolton.’
  9. Chris Green – ‘Our country needs a clean start.’
  10. Anne Marie Morris –  ‘Wanting a candidate who will deliver fundamentally conservative principles and inspire trust and confidence’
  11. Nickie Aiken – ‘Tom will provide our country with the leadership we need’
  12. Damien Moore – ‘He’s a fresh face for a clean start’
  13. Karen Bradley – ‘We need a clean start. Only Tom Tugendhat can deliver that’
  14. Jake Berry – ‘The man Britain needs to change the country.’
  15. Paul Holmes
  16. Mark Pawsey – ‘One who always speaks with authority, knowledge and understanding is Tom Tugendhat.’
  17. James Daly
  18. Neil Hudson – ‘He can unite our country moving forward’
  19. Jo Gideon
  20. Ben Spencer

Jeremy Hunt (14)

  1. Phillip Dunne – ‘Be the best placed candidate to provide the integrity and competence that we need to bring back into the role.’
  2. Steve Brine
  3. Dan Poulter
  4. Anthony Mangnall
  5. Crispin Blunt
  6. Oliver Heald
  7. Philip Davies
  8. David Morris
  9. Andrew Mitchell
  10. Esther McVey
  11. Peter Bottomley
  12. Daniel Kawczynski
  13. Jonathan Djanogly
  14. Paul Beresford

Sajid Javid (11)

  1. Chris Philp – ‘I hope he runs and if he does I’ll be backing him’.
  2. Rachel Maclean – ‘He has the integrity, experience and the Conservative values to lead the country.’
  3. Saqib Bhatti – ‘I know he can help navigate our country through the challenges ahead.’
  4. Robin Walker – ‘I was proud to nominate him 3 years ago and he has shown real leadership since.’
  5. Ed Argar
  6. Mike Wood – ‘He is up to the challenges that Britain and the world faces, and would make a great Leader and PM.’
  7. Steve Double – ‘Has the experience and vision we need.’
  8. Rob Halfon – ‘I’m glad cutting the cost of living is the heart of his campaign.’
  9. Jeremy Wright – ‘The next Prime Minister needs to be highly competent.’
  10. Mary Robinson
  11. Virginia Crosbie – ‘He is guided by a strong moral compass – something that our Party needs at its helm so we can unite and work together in the nation’s interest’
  12. Pauline Latham

Priti Patel (yet to declare)

  1. Tom Pursglove – ‘Her tenacity, leadership and competence would make her a brilliant Prime Minister.’
  2. Anna Firth – ‘Not only is she a dear friend, but the best grassroots campaigner in our party.’
  3. Scott Benton – ‘She understands people’s concerns.’
  4. Greg Smith – ‘There is one colleague who stands out, who combines a steadfast belief in conservative values with a determination and ability to deliver.’
  5. Kevin Foster – ‘She has my full backing.’
  6. Ian Levy
  7. Simon Baynes – ‘From recruiting more police to ending free movement, she understands people’s concerns.’
  8. Ian Liddell-Grainger
  9. Andrea Jenkyns
  10. Laurence Robertson
  11. Brendan Clarke-Smith
  12. Christopher Chope
  13. Shaun Bailey – ‘Her strong values, resilence and commitment to deliver in my view make her the ideal candidate to beat Labour.’

Grant Shapps (8)

  1. Robert Courts – ‘Someone who has got experience.’
  2. George Eustice – ‘Always shown good judgement.’
  3. Trudy Harrison – ‘I know he will take our country forward.’
  4. Graham Stuart – ‘One of the most effective ministers in the government.’
  5. James Davies
  6. Mark Pritchard – ‘Grant is determined to lower the barriers to success.’
  7. Paul Bristow – ‘A seasoned campaigner and one of the party’s best communicators.’
  8. Sheryll Murray – ‘He will make a brilliant Prime Minister.’

Rehman Chishti (0)

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