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Why I’m glad the Libs lost

Team Morrison presided over the worst abuses of our rights in our history

23 July 2022

9:00 AM

23 July 2022

9:00 AM

Imagine sitting through a session in which two of the formerly up-and-coming young federal Liberal MPs, both defeated at the last election, spoke for an hour about the future of the Liberal Party and about what had gone wrong for it and yet neither mentioned the Morrison government’s despotic response to the pandemic. It was as though two-plus years had suddenly disappeared down some memory hole. Well, you might have to imagine it, but I sat through it at last weekend’s Friedman Conference in Sydney. Boy, did it get my blood boiling. Just to refresh your memory, I’m talking about how Team Morrison opted to be the only democratic country on earth that didn’t allow its citizens to leave their country; about the PM’s brain fart of a national cabinet idea that handed power, but not fiscal accountability, to thuggish premiers, some of whom then imposed the world’s toughest lockdowns; about the huge spending (more than Justin Trudeau) and printing of money that have despicably transferred untold wealth from the young to the old (in part via asset inflation, a corollary of the spendthrift playbook) and from the poor to the rich (ditto, the pandemic years being the best ever for the uber-wealthy); about the genuflecting before a public health clerisy that wallowed in ‘benefit analysis’, not ‘cost-benefit analysis’ – and didn’t even do the former well. This was accompanied by a cancel culture mindset that showed itself, for instance, when George Christensen, a member of the Liberal National party of Queensland gave a short speech to parliament last August calling for an end to masks and lockdowns and his own party’s MPs joined the rest of the House in censuring him. (Take a look at all fourteen randomised control studies. They don’t show that masks do anything. Or point to how Florida, without mask mandates, has outperformed California and New York, if you prefer observational claims.) They censured a colleague for speaking his mind (leave aside that the data was on Christensen’s side). All those cowardly and sheeplike Liberal MPs, including a couple who paraded their pro-freedom credentials when going for pre-selection, voted to censure Christensen! These Liberal MPs didn’t say they disagreed with George. They censured him for speaking out and presenting his position, that position being the Swedish position and the position underlying the Great Barrington Declaration (authored by three of the world’s most credentialed epidemiologists if you’re into believing that ‘the Science’ is whatever someone with a medical degree says). Moreover, the Christensen/Swedish/Great Barrington Declaration position now has the data showing it to be right. Just notice that Australia now has higher all-cause excess mortality per capita than Sweden and looks on track to overtake the Swedes on cumulative excess mortality too. And that’s leaving aside that their kids didn’t miss two years of school that will never be recovered for poor kids, nor did they blow out the budget for the grandkids to repay, nor did their PM rewrite the country’s constitution on the fly, presumably based on that morning’s focus group results. The list goes on.

But it was the total sheeplike behaviour of Coalition MPs that really got me. In Britain, one hundred Tory MPs voted against their own government last year to force Boris to end the lockdowns. Here, you could count on one machine operator’s hand the number of Coalition MPs prepared to put values and principle ahead of self-advancement, and at least refrain from censuring a colleague with a different view. Real Liberals, aren’t they! In an hour-long discussion of where the Libs had gone wrong there was not a single mention that maybe they’d completely screwed up the Covid response or maybe ScoMo should have summoned the will to criticise Dan Andrews at least once or condemn the authoritarian way the Victorian police acted.

Boy, am I glad Team Morrison lost the last election. I’ve realised I’m very Old Testament about my desired response to what these supposed Liberal representatives of ours helped facilitate. I want a grovelling apology from them all and a promise it will never happen again, not 60 minutes of ‘nothing to see here, folks’ pretending that the last 24 months of ‘the greatest inroads on our freedoms and civil liberties in 300 years’ (the words of Lord Sumption, a former justice of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom) simply hadn’t happened. Let’s just say that I left the conference room feeling like I needed a shower.

In related news did you notice reports of the Tickle v. Giggle case about the Gold Coast woman who set up a women-only app that a transwoman wants to force her way on to? The Australia Human Rights Commission took it up on the side of the transgender biological male who now identifies as female? To be clear, this body whose commissioners earn near on half a million a year each, all appointed by Liberal governments, didn’t utter a peep during the whole of the pandemic thuggishness and the ‘greatest inroads on our freedoms and civil liberties in 300 years’. Yet when you leave that realm of widespread, brutal, society-wide rights-infringements to travel down to some picayune, woke claim about a supposed rights infringement (no doubt aided by the fact that nine years of Coalition governments failed to reverse a Gillard government amendment to the Sex Discrimination Act 1984 that shifted from biological reality to an ambiguous notion of ‘gender identity’, does the Right ever undo what the Left does?) the Human Rights Commission swings into action, baby. Their conciliation proposal was basically that the complainant wins and Ms Sally Grover, founder of the women-only app, had to submit to sex and gender re-education sessions and allow entry to any males who identify as women. She refused. Good on her. I’d eat glass before I did that . So they took Ms. Grover to the Federal Court (where she pays her lawyers while the complainant is wholly subsidised by all of us taxpayers). I’ve long said the whole AHRC should be shut down. Even when every commissioner is appointed by Libs (this tells you all you need to know about all Lib appointments everywhere) this is what you get. Luckily the complainant dropped the case a fortnight ago. Still, total AHRC silence during two years of government brutality. Swift action when a biological man wants to muscle his way in to play with the girls.

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