Introducing Spectator Australia TV


You might have come across Spectator TV’s ‘The Week in 60 minutes’ recently, from The Spectator UK. Hosted by Andrew Neil, the show has seen a range of incredible guests alongside our in-house columnists.

Unsurprisingly, it was a huge success. Our YouTube subscribers have increased tenfold since its launch, with over 100,000 people now subscribed.

We’re now bringing the same hard-hitting video content down under. Introducing Spectator Australia TV’s new show CounterCulture, a joint production with the Institute of Public Affairs.

Hosted by Gideon Rozner, CounterCulture will be a new force in digital media that will unashamedly champion common sense and conservative values. If you’re sick of the woke, luvvie-infested, ‘progressive’ Australian media then welcome on board!

This week’s show includes:

  • Tony Abbott
  • Rowan Dean
  • David Adler
  • Daniel Wild
  • Sarah Dudley
  • Rebecca Weisser

CounterCulture will feature sharp, lively commentary from regular Spectator writers, analysis from IPA experts, big name guests, and Gideon’s unique take on the issues of the week both in Australia and internationally.

We will be a voice for:

  • Freedom of speech over censorship
  • Diversity of thought over cancel culture
  • Economic empowerment over government subsistence
  • The inherent worth of the individual over shallow identity politics

We want to reach thousands of Australians every week, but we can only do that by beating the bias of Silicon Valley algorithms. This is how you can get involved and spread the word:

  1. Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube to get notified as soon as a new video goes up
  2. Follow us on Facebook and Tweet us to send us your thoughts and comments, and look out for trailers and clips
  3. Don’t just like it, share it! Send it to your friends and family on social media, WhatsApp and email

We’re airing every week – watch the first episode straight away on YouTube.

We’ll see you there!

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