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6 March 2021 Aus

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Aussie Life

Aussie Life

If you asked a roomful of Poms to list Winston Churchill’s greatest achievements, few would put ‘introducing the minimum wage’…

Aussie Life

Aussie Language

The expression ‘unconscious bias’ is back in the headlines. First came the good news that Oxford’s Somerville college had rescinded…

High life

Raymond Chandler and his contrarian cat Taki

Gstaad That’s all we needed in a great year: copyright has expired on The Great Gatsby. Some Fitzgerald wannabe has…

Spectator sport

In defence of horse racing

Rugby has enough problems — from baffling rule changes to concussion — without the referees muddying the pitch even more.…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: How do I tell my neighbour she’s let herself go in lockdown?

Q. Recently an old acquaintance, notorious for never penning a ‘thank you’ note, emailed me telling me he was being…


Cornwall, but not as the locals know it: Stein’s at Home reviewed

The Stein’s at Home steak menu box (£65) says ‘Love from Cornwall’: it is not for people who live in…

Mind your language

The word ‘like’ is in crisis

‘Blame Kingsley Amis,’ said my husband, with the carelessness of one defying a man out of earshot. The blame, such…

Real life

The curse of semi-invisible road signs

‘We’re sorry your experience with us has not been a good one,’ said the press officer at Surrey Police. ‘You…


Bridge | 06 March 2021

This is a great time to be a young bridge player. When I took up the game in my twenties,…


Play from home

Is working from home the future of a productive society, or a fleeting aberration? Nobody knows yet, but a significant…

Chess puzzle

No. 643

White to play. Garcia Ramos–Maurizzi, -Barcelona 2021. Black has just played Kg8-h7, to attack White’s queen by unpinning the knight…

Crossword solution

2493: Opposites - solution

‘I WANT TO BE ALONE’ (1A) and ‘COME UP AND SEE ME SOMETIME’ (49/27) were supposedly said by Greta GARBO…


2496: Depart Paddington

Clockwise round the grid from 3 run seven dramatis personae; unclued lights give anagrams of two more. The play’s title…


Spectator competition winners: the hell of a foreign holiday

In Competition No. 3188, a challenge designed to make us all feel better about the looming prospect of another enforced…

No sacred cows

The conservative appeal of drug gangs

According to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick, the easing of lock-down will be accompanied by a rise in crime…

Low life

The beauty of French nurses

I was supine on the slab and a nurse was rigging me up via wires and tubes to machines and…

The turf

Ireland’s love affair with horse racing

With the Cheltenham Festival close, the quest for serious punting money intensifies. I had one potential contributor identified at Kempton…