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29 January 2022 Aus

Their phoney war

It suits both Boris and Putin to pretend that Russia may invade Ukraine

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Aussie Life

Aussie Life

Even in Australian publications of a conspicuously conservative disposition, it has been some time since any respected pundit has suggested,…

Aussie Life

Aussie Language

Here’s a delightful expression I have just encountered: ‘offence archaeology’. This is the practice of going through the social media…


2540: Recycling components

Eight unclued lights, arranged symmetrically, comprise two quartets, one of which makes the other go round.   Across 1 How…

Low life

It’s my ninth – and final – chemotherapy session

‘Sorry I’m late,’ I said to the big unit stationed behind her computer. She’s the chief, this one. She shows…

Real life

My Orwellian battle with Vodafone

After launching an investigation into my missing phone, Vodafone informed me it could not deal with me any further until…


Bridge | 29 January 2022

During lockdown I had a bit of a tidy-up and came across a Post-it note with the following statement written…

Mind your language

What’s so funny about ‘helpmeet’?

‘What’s so funny?’ asked my husband, accusingly, as I made an amused noise while relaxing with a copy of the…

High life

The rise of the new autocracy

Gstaad Dinner parties are no longer verboten here, so I posed a question to some youngsters my son had over:…

Spectator sport

Why everyone should be shouting about Dave ‘Rocket’ Ryding

As we digest another Ashes thrashing for England’s cricketers in Australia, and wonder whether the 1966 World Cup victory will…

Chess puzzle

No. 687

Black to play. Grandelius–Rapport, Tata Steel Chess 2022. With a bishop resting on a3, the White king can never sit…


A ghost at the feast: The LaLee at the Cadogan hotel, reviewed

The Cadogan hotel, Chelsea, is where Oscar Wilde was arrested for sodomy and gross indecency in 1895, in Room 118,…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: How can I stop unexpected visitors using my loo?

Q. I treat myself to a manicure every ten days. It’s a 30-minute appointment and the girl I use is…

No sacred cows

The Highway Code to hell

I did a speed awareness course on Monday. For the uninitiated, you have the option of doing one of these…

Crossword solution

2537: My Lord! - solution

The exchange that gave rise to the expression CURATE’s (19 Down) Egg was ‘I’m afraid you’ve got a bad egg,…


Spectator competition winners: meet the new Mr Men

In Competition No. 3233, you were invited to invent a new character for the Mr Men/Little Miss series by Roger…


Pixel this

When Magnus Carlsen won last year’s Meltwater Champions Tour, they made two trophies. One was for Carlsen, and the second…