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16 October 2021 Aus

Roll up

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Aussie Life

Aussie Life

The political career of Christian Porter has been destroyed by the ABC. This is someone who was the Commonwealth Attorney-General…

Aussie Life

Aussie Language

A Speccie reader has emailed asking me for an explanation of the word ‘climatarian’. We know what Presbyterians are, she…

Real life

My horse is allergic to beige carpet

The horse lorry arrived and lowered its ramp — and I stood in front of it knowing that my thoroughbred…

Low life

Acorns and aliens: lunch with Vernon and the Ukrainians

Catriona and I were late for lunch at Vernon’s because I couldn’t get out of bed. The four of them…


Bridge | 16 October 2021

The Gold Cup is the most prestigious Open Teams event in Britain, and has been ever since Colonel ‘Pops’ Beasley…

The turf

Charlie Appleby is the trainer to beat

I know what Keats was on about with his mists and mellow fruitfulness, but autumn is less of a joy…

High life

Succession gets the rich and powerful all wrong

They have stepped into the pop-culture spotlight via the HBO hit Succession, a hatchet job on the very rich and…

Spectator sport

Where did all of rugby’s fans go?

Could rugby union get any better? The entertainment in the Premiership is breathtaking and the overall product as good as…

Mind your language

The ground rules, from coffee to marriage

There’s a rude gesture in Pickwick that I don’t quite understand. Mr Jackson, a young lawyer’s clerk in conversation with…

Dear Mary

Dear Mary: should I have asked out my rush-hour crush?

Q. On a train journey the other day I sat opposite someone I found immensely attractive. We struck up a…


The Batman restaurant that’s totally bats: Park Row reviewed

There is a Batman restaurant in London, or rather there was: Savini at the Criterion on Piccadilly Circus. Savini was…


Chicken Marbella

What is it about retro food? I don’t mean nostalgic food, from school dinner favourites to your grandmother’s signature dishes.…

No sacred cows

‘Retain and Explain’ won’t end the culture wars

I’m sympathetic to Oliver Dowden’s formula for defusing culture-war disputes about statues of controversial historic figures: ‘retain and explain’. That…


Spectator competition winners: Newly discovered short stories by poets

In Competition No. 3220, you were invited to supply a newly discovered short story by a well-known 19th- or 20th-century…


The sudden mate

The hero pauses, plays the move, and announces ‘Checkmate!’ The villain crumples in shock. It’s a scene played out countless…


2528: Not to Lose

Unclued entries are words (one hyphened) or phrases (three of four words each, one of three words, two each of…

Chess puzzle

No. 675

White to play and mate in one. I found this puzzle online, composed by someone with the pseudonym ‘Illion’. I…

Crossword solution

2525: Prime Times - solution

The [5 Down] MILESTONE puzzle number 2525 is the product of PRIME numbers 101 TIMES 5 TIMES 5, equivalently the…